What happens during a Bosley consultation?

Bosley hair transplant patients talk about their first interaction with Bosley, the consultation.

Consultations are available at 70 offices located throughout the U.S.  You’ll learn more about hair loss causes and FDA approved and cleared treatments while being able to express your hair restoration goals.  Consultations are free, private and no-obligation.

Bosley Hair Transplant Results

“Well, I came in, sat down with a counselor, he took a good look at my hair loss, and I explained to him what I wanted to see happen.  He explained to me what Bosley can typically do.  He made me feel comfortable, which was important because I was self-conscious. I was nervous.  My biggest worry was whether or not something like this was going to be the right fit.  I wanted it to be, but this was – my goal was to go in there and find out whether or not it was.”

“It was a very, just educational experience.  They really make you comfortable and walk you through the whole process of how the procedure is done.”

“It was pretty laid back, it wasn’t – they were not pushy at any point.  And my wife actually came with me and sat in with the consultation, and she was impressed.”

“You know, they said, ‘you think about it. if it’s something that we can do for you then contact us.’”

“There’s always that fear, am I going to get sold or something like that, but with the free consult – I can always just walk out.  And that was kind of my attitude when I went in, but the second I got in there I was like, wow, they’re really kind of giving me some information here.”

“Well, when I left the consultation, of course I wanted to think about it.  It’s a pretty big decision.  But I knew that this was really the only permanent solution to hair loss.  You know, I didn’t want to go through wigs and weaves and all of that.  I wanted my own natural growing hair.  I made a decision shortly after, and I actually had the procedure probably a week after the consultation.”

“There’s a lot of people out there that don’t know whether or not this is for them, and how else are you going to find out unless you just go and learn about it.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You decide not to do it?”

“I went in there kind of more along the lines of I’m just going to kind of learn about what hair restoration is so I’ll know.  But then I was blown away when I went in and I saw what they could do, and I thought yeah, this kind of works.  This kind of works.”

During your consultation you’ll receive a complimentary microscopic scalp and hair analysis.  The analysis provides insight into the extent of hair loss, shows miniaturization of hair follicles and the availability of donor hair.

A Bosley physician will help you determine the best hair restoration treatment plan to achieve your goals.

Joey Fatone Got His Hair Back – You Can Too

Hair loss is so gradual that most people don’t notice until about 50% of it is gone.  This was the case with Joey Fatone, who started losing his hair while with ‘N Sync, but didn’t notice until years later.  He eventually turned to his manager for advice and was recommended Bosley.Joey Fatone Hair Transplant before and after

In our video interview, hear what Joey has to say about his Bosley hair transplant experience, and see how he looks today after his permanent hair restoration.

“Back in the day, the peak of our whole thing of ‘N Sync, being on stage was just an amazing rush.  Seeing my face in magazines, TV, t-shirts was pretty funny, pretty surreal.

I started losing my hair when I was still with ‘N Sync.  You know, touring around, running around you don’t really take a good look and stop and kind of look in the mirror and see exactly what’s going on.  But of course, I started wearing hats all the time.  Looking at a picture of when I was with ‘N Sync and then looking at a picture, you know, now, and you kind of look and go okay, the hair is thinning a little bit.

Nobody was really coming up to me and saying, ‘you know what maybe you should do something about it.’  And I called up my manager and said, “Hey, what do you think is the best thing to do?”  And he first says to me, he goes, “You know what, let’s call Bosley.”

Nobody knew about my hair restoration until now, and that’s what’s so great about Bosley – nobody knew about it.  It’s your hair, it’s not from some plant, it doesn’t look like a rug.  It’s not like anything of its kind – it’s your hair.

It’s okay to get this stuff done.  People get things augmented all the time.  This is just something you’re bringing back to life, and bringing your youth back.  And it’s real.  You know, I wouldn’t be doing this right now if I didn’t stand behind it.  And I’m proud to say that I have gotten it done.  And people should do it too.”

Joey Fatone got his hair back permanently and you can too.  Bosley offers free, private consultations at 70 offices located throughout the U.S.  You’ll learn more about hair loss and treatment options while having the opportunity to express your hair restoration goals.

How many hair transplant procedures are required before hair is permanently restored?

Individuals with thinning hair often ask how many procedures it will take before their hair and hairline are fully restored.  Dr. Ken Washenik, Bosley Medical Director, answers as part of an ongoing hair transplant physician Q&A series.Bosley Hair Transplant Results

“When asked how many hair transplantation procedures a person might need or how many do people generally need, it’s a difficult question because it really depends on a number of factors.  One, how much hair loss do you have?  How much hair replacement, restoration do you need to satisfy you, or meet your objectives?  So, it’s different from person to person.  Also, your donor hair – the type of hair you have.  How much do you have?  What texture is it – is it straight?  Is it curly?  Is it coarse?  Is it fine hair?  So those different variables will affect how many grafts you will ultimately want to move to meet your goals, or your objectives.

Also, if you have ongoing hair loss – and most people who are looking for hair restoration surgery, transplantation surgery have a medical condition like male pattern or female pattern hair loss.  So, you have ongoing hair loss.  So, another factor that plays into how many grafts or how many procedures you will ultimately want is your ongoing hair loss.  So, it’s my recommendation that you treat that hair loss, that you use a medication to slow down, stop, or even reverse some of that hair loss, and that will only help with your hair restoration needs.”

-Dr. Ken Washenik, Bosley Medical Director

Bosley offers a free, private consultation at more than 70 offices located throughout the U.S.  During your no-obligation consultation, you’ll learn more about the causes of hair loss and available FDA cleared and approved treatments.  You’ll also receive a free microscopic scalp and hair analysis that provides insight into your current level of hair loss and availability of donor hair.

Bosley supports breast cancer awareness research

October 1, 2015

For the second year in a row, Bosley will be supporting the fight against breast cancer through its ongoing Good Works Project. During the month of October, Bosley will raise awareness and contribute funds to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s mission to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research. Bosley will donate $50 toward breast cancer research for every hair restoration procedure scheduled and performed during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

bosley supports breast cancer research

Bosley’s President & CEO, Rob Spurrell, stated “We are happy to support such a wonderful cause and hope to be apple to outperform last year’s performance to make an even greater impact this year.”

In 2014, Bosley donated $30,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This successful campaign was supported by all of Bosley’s 450 personnel across its 70 offices nationwide.

Bosley’s management issued the following statement last year. “Bosley would like to thank entire team for their efforts in meeting our goal and donating $30,000 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation, in support of breast cancer research and awareness.”

One of Bosley’s core values is to give back to communities by participating in Good Works projects.  During the month of October, Bosley contributed a portion of revenue from procedures to the fight against breast cancer.

Gerald’s hair began thinning in college – See him now

Gerald decided on Bosley hair transplantation after his hair continued to thin after college.  After having his hair permanently restored Gerald once again is happy about how he looks and feels.  He gets compliments on his wavy hair just like when he was younger.

See Gerald’s before and after hair transplant photos and hear what he has to say about his restoration experience at Bosley.

Geralds Hair Transplant Results

“My brother and I, we’ve always had wavy hair.  Well, his is curly, mine was more wavy.  And all the ladies, quite frankly, would compliment me on my hair.

I first noticed my hair was falling out when I was in early college.  It started thinning and I was really, really getting concerned about it.  Hair loss is a very emotional experience because it alters your appearance, and how people look at you and perceive you.  I felt like I was kind of leaving my life behind.

Since I’ve had the experience with Bosley, I am ecstatic about how I look, about the energy that I have.  I get compliments about my hair all the time.  And having been known for my hair when I was going through the early phases of my life – to hear those compliments again, it just really floats my boat.

If I didn’t have the picture to prove it, I would say this wasn’t me.  Thank you Bosley!”

Gerald’s hairline restoration is virtually undetectable due to the artistic abilities and experience of Bosley physicians.  Bosley physicians carefully consider age, facial structure, existing hairline, quality of hair and long-term goals when establishing a complete hair restoration plan.

To learn more about what Bosley can do for you schedule a free, private consultation at one of 70 offices located throughout the U.S.