Hair Transplant Results – Personal Trainer Linden Talks About his Bosley Hair Transplant Experience

Linden, a personal trainer and bodybuilder, began noticing an increasing number of hair strands falling into the sink every morning. He realized his hair loss was not going to improve on its own.

After changing hairstyles and wearing hats to conceal his thinning hair with no success he contacted Bosley.  Linden’s goal was to create a custom treatment plan to tackle his bald spots.

Bosley Hair Transplant Results Linden E.

Linden’s regained confidence has empowered him to enter competitive bodybuilding events, a personal passion he’d avoided for many years due to insecurities about his appearance.

“I do bodybuilding—I do it competitively.  I go to the gym five or six days a week.  Anything related to that area of life is something I’m very comfortable with.

I realized I was losing my hair over a period of time.  I realized that it was not going to get any better.  I did see hair in the sink, more than I thought was normal.  I noticed my hair was harder to fix the way I wanted to fix.

People would come up to me and say, ‘What happened to your hair?’  I would wear a hat.  I would try to cut my hair differently.  I would try to cut my hair short.  But nothing, ultimately, would fix the loss of hair.

I really noticed the severity of my hair loss was in my best friend’s wedding. I was the best man.  I look at those pictures; the loss was very obvious there.

After just a little bit of research, Bosley was the number one choice.  They’re the best at it.  When you look at the before pictures and you look at me now, it’s like a different person.  I even have a different personality.  My new hair has given me a lot of confidence.  I’ve been bodybuilding for sixteen years—I’ve only competed in the last year.

I get compliments on my hair now from ladies.  I know I would have never gotten compliments had it not been for the restoration procedure through Bosley.  If people didn’t know beforehand, then they don’t know now.  I haven’t seen this guy in a long time.  I don’t even know who this is anymore.  I just know that I’m glad it’s not me.”

Over 50 million men in the US experience hair loss.  By the age of 35 nearly two-thirds of men experience some degree of hair loss, and as time goes on thinning hair progresses.  85% of men will have significantly thinning hair by the age of 50.

But as Linden discovered, it’s possible to restore hair permanently and have it look so natural that no one will know a procedure was even performed.

To learn more about Bosley permanent hair restoration, schedule a free consultation near you.  Consultations are free, private and no-obligation.

Michelle’s Bosley Hair Transplant Results

Michelle’s hair loss started at a young age and happened rapidly.  Her hair loss led to a friend asking if she was going bald.  It was at that time that Michelle started investing thousands of dollars in unproven hair loss remedies and other solutions to mask the problem. But all of these solutions were unsuccessful.  Eventually, Michelle turned to Bosley for a permanent hair loss solution.

“I enjoy doing a variety of things outside.  I love riding horses.  It gives me the opportunity to think, to just take in the moment.  And there aren’t too many things in life that offer that.

Michelle - Bosley Hair Transplant ResultsI was actually pretty young when I started losing [my] hair.  It happened pretty rapidly.  There was a specific instance I remember with a friend of mine, he really asked me the question, ‘Michelle, are you going bald?’

I think it’s awful for women to lose hair.  I’m young, and I think that even though I never let my hair loss dictate my life, it was always something that I thought about.

I tried everything.  I tried any kind of product you can put in your hair.  I tried hair extensions, you name it;thousands of dollars trying to come up with a solution.

Not only did Bosley give me my confidence back, they opened the doors to opportunities that I didn’t really know I was missing out on.

Before Bosley, I had kind of a gaping hole right in the front.  But now I – it’s wonderful – I have all my own hair.  When I meet someone I don’t have to worry about this girl meeting them.  They get to see this now.  They get to see… they get to see me!

Having the procedure done was something that I wouldn’t take back for anything.  I can’t explain to you the way that it made me feel to be able to wear my hair down.  To go out on a date and have confidence again and know that I met somebody for the first time and they weren’t looking at my hair, they were looking at me.  And I think for me, that’s extremely valuable.  It’s real.  It’s mine!  And nobody can take it away.  Thank you, Bosley!”

Many women come to Bosley after having explored other hair loss options. If you’re experiencing female-pattern hair loss, hair transplantation is often the best chance for restoring hair.

Bosley offers a private, free, no-obligation consultation with a hair restoration counselor.  Bosley counselors are thoroughly trained and will answer your questions on hair loss and treatment options that will work for you.

Hollywood Hair Guy and Celebrity Stylist

Dean is a hair stylist who helps celebrities radically transform their appearance through hair.  Dean, a celebrity himself, started noticing his hair was thinning and turned to Bosley.

He needed the most natural-looking results for his profession and chose Bosley for their expertise and artistry.  Dean talks about what it felt like to start losing his hair and his outstanding hair transplant results at Bosley:

“Hello everybody. I’m Dean B., Hollywood hair guy, celebrity stylist.  My favorite thing about being a celebrity hairdresser is transforming people. Everybody asks how they can look younger, and when you have a fuller, thicker head of hair you’re going to look a lot younger.

Bosley Before and After Hair Transplant ResultsWell, people always think I have the most amazing hair being a hairdresser and that sort of thing, but they don’t realize that I actually have had a Bosley restoration.  Well, in my career everything is based on appearance.  I did not want to be that bald celebrity hairdresser.

The biggest thing that kind of opened my eyes to hair loss was when I was a groomsman in my nephew’s wedding and they took pictures from the balcony and I’m like, ‘oh my god, that’s my scalp.’

When I heard about Bosley, I was doing all the hair on the television show Extra, and I always saw the Bosley commercial and I was like, you know what, this sound really good and I wonder if it’s too good to be true.

So, I’m like okay–I’m the hairdresser. If I’m going to recommend it, I’m going to do it, and that’s when I reached out to Bosley.  Well, since my Bosley restoration, I am a lot more confident when I’m on camera. I remembered before I had my restoration I would always have to place my hair.  I would have to conceal as much as I could, and after the restoration I felt better and I felt more at ease any time I was working.  It’s shocking [that] this is me before the restoration, and you can see I’m really thin in that temple area and right in that frontal crown area, but now I have a full head of hair–beautiful, shiny hair that I can color, I can cut and I can style it any way because now I have hair.”

If your hair is progressively thinning, Bosley can help.  Schedule a free, private consultation to learn more about the causes of hair loss and permanent solutions.

What’s it like having a hair transplant at Bosley?

“The Bosley team made it all so easy! They were all concerned about my health and well being – everyone was wonderful. The only thing is I wish I’d done it sooner! Bosley is the best!”
—Ellen G.

“No one knew I was going to get this done. When I returned from the procedure, no one could believe I had it done.  Bosley emailed to let me know how things should be going and they were right on.”
—Fred F.

Bosley Hair Transplant Before and After Results

Bosley Hair Transplant Results

Bosley, the global leader in hair restoration, has performed more hair transplant procedures than any other medical group in the world, restoring hair in all 50 states and in 70 countries.   Bosley physicians are selected from the best hair transplant doctors in the world, and the results of their work show.

The combination of expertise and artistry is what sets Bosley apart from other hair restoration providers.  When Bosley patients have their hair restored, the results are completely natural looking, indistinguishable from a person with a natural full head of hair.

Bosley physicians blend precise skill and artistry,  placing individual follicular units with specific depth and angle to mimic natural hair growth patterns.  This experience and skill is particularly important when restoring the hairline.

Bosley hair transplantation is an outpatient procedure that can be done at one of 24 conveniently located surgical offices.  The procedure, ,explained in these 4 general steps, typically takes a full day to complete and is made comfortable with the availability of movies, music, books and lunch.

“The doctor and all the assistants were informative, professional and courteous. Each step was explained and they made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure.”
—Marilyn M.

After the procedure, your Bosley physician inspects the grafts for proper placement and the clinical team provides post-operative instructions. Additionally, the patient will continue to have direct access to their own personal Bosley Counselor to ask questions even after the procedure is complete.

To learn more about Bosley hair transplantation, FDA cleared hair loss treatments, the causes of hair loss and to receive your free microscopic scalp and hair analysis, schedule your no-obligation consultation today.

What Can I Expect From Hair Transplantation?

Since the first hair transplantation procedure ever performed decades ago, the technology and techniques have evolved to a point that good hair transplantation results, performed with the latest technology and by skilled physicians, should be undetectable.

Hairlines before & after Bosley

Today, hair transplantation is a relatively simple and outpatient procedure. It takes a few hours to half a day to complete. Given your hair grows about ½ inch per month, you can expect to see some growth within a few months, and relatively full growth in a year*. Looking at the larger picture, a few months is nothing for a lifetime of hair!

The key to completely natural-looking hair restoration results is selecting the right physician. Many physicians can transplant hairs, but not all possess the important combination of experience, technical and artistic skills to yield the type of undetectable results you want. Even with today’s advanced hair transplant technologies, an inexperienced physician or one who doesn’t practice hair restoration exclusively could cause less than desirable results.

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Dr. Ed Suddleson, explaining a patient his hair loss classification, during consultation.

Bosley physicians practice hair restoration exclusively and have come from diverse, rewarding medical backgrounds and experience, some with decades in surgical, plastics and other related medical fields. In fact, all Bosley physicians have at least 10 years surgical experience and are trained extensively in the skill and artistry required to create perfect hair lines and natural looking results.

For over forty years, Bosley has performed more hair transplant procedures than any other medical group in the world. This experience is drawn upon when new Bosley physicians are trained to the high standards required by Bosley. Many physicians approach Bosley each year to become part of the Bosley medical team but only a select few are chosen.

Being the world’s most experienced hair restoration expert, Bosley utilizes the latest advancements and techniques for hair transplantation. The latest in such advancement, the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique, is rising in popularity due to its minimally invasive nature. FUE procedures typically also require minimal downtime and recovery is quicker. Aside from FUE, the traditional follicular unit transplantation (FUT) technique is available. A patient’s hair loss classification and goals can determine that one technique is favored over the other. Both are proven techniques, so neither is inferior to the other. Both hair transplant techniques will have the same result, a perfectly natural look.

Marc H

Patient Marc H, before and after the Bosley FUE hair transplantation procedure.

Deciding on which technique to use is part of a larger discussion between you and your Bosley physician, which will also include the availability of other FDA approved and technologically advanced hair loss treatments like the Bosley Theradome™ Laser Helmet or the Bosley Lasercomb Elite®.

Don’t  let the idea of a surgical procedure scare you! Hair transplantation of today is a simple and effective procedure that can permanently restore your hair to the way it once was and give you back your once youthful hairline. There are many good physicians out there who practice hair transplantation exclusively, such as the Bosley medical physicians. Read more about the Bosley difference, and what has made us the most trusted name in hair restoration.


*Individual results may vary. Ask your Bosley physician during your free consultation about your individual case.