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Bosley Results—Interactive, Video & Photos

Many practices today offer a variety of hair loss treatment for men and women, and more specifically, hair restoration or hair transplant for men. Any surgeon can technically perform hair restoration surgery. However, only skilled and well-trained physicians restore hairlines in a manner so natural looking that they are virtually unnoticeable. Bosley physicians are recognized for their ability to create extremely natural looking results for our patients. In fact, it is this attention to artistry that sets the Bosley brand of hair restoration apart. A physician who can produce a virtually undetectable hairline restoration must first know the classical rules of facial dimensions. He or she must have a sculptor's sense of balance and proportion as well as a portrait painter's sense of refinement in blending and shading. Each doctor in our surgical offices undergoes extensive training to not only master the technical aspects of the Bosley procedure, but to fully realize their artistic potential.

If you see a recently completed hair transplant today that doesn't look natural, it's often because it's a bad hair transplant. The Bosley hair restoration procedure can restore a person's hair so naturally that no one can tell they had a hair transplant, even upon close examination.

Our interactive gallery offers the Bosley hair restorer Photobooth, which allows you to see how you look with more hair; the Before and After Slider, and the Hairline Magnifier, which allows you to check out how natural Bosley hair transplantation results look. You can check out videos of Bosley patients' testimonials on our video gallery, or see for yourself Bosley hair restoration results, by hair loss classifications, by viewing dozens of before and after pictures of actual Bosley patients, in our image gallery.