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Hair Restorer Photobooth

Hair Restorer Photobooth*

Ever wondered what you’d look like with more hair? Well, wonder no more. Use this simple application to upload your photo, choose your hairstyle and color – even print or email the photo. And, then, call us to schedule a consultation to find out if a Bosley hair transplant procedure is right for you.

Click the image to use the Photobooth

Before and After Slider

Before and After Slider

Use this interactive sliding tool to see what a difference Bosley hair restoration made for these patients. Select a hair loss classification, then use the sliding tool at the bottom of the photo to see actual before and after results.

Click the image to use the Slider

Hairline Magnifier

Hairline Magnifier

How natural does Bosley hair replacement look? See for yourself with this magnification tool. Select a hair loss classification, then move your cursor over the small photo. A close-up view of the patient’s hairline will appear in the large magnifying glass window.

Click the image to use the Magnifier

*Note: this tool was created for entertainment purposes only and results may vary. The Hair Restorer Photobooth is not intended for use as a diagnostic tool or as an indication or promise of outcome of a Bosley hair restoration procedure.
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