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Frequently Asked Questions about the Bosley LaserComb

Because the Bosley LaserComb is a medical device, proper education about its use is essential. Here are some of the most common questions and concerns about the LaserComb.

How long do I need to use the Bosley LaserComb?

On-going usage is needed to maintain healthy hair growth. If you stop using the Bosley LaserComb, any benefit will gradually disappear.

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How do I use the Bosley LaserComb?

Brush hair close to scalp in a slow and deliberate manner for 10 to 15 minutes a minimum of 3 times a week.

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Will results improve if I use it more frequently?

The effective dose, as indicated in the FDA study, is three times a week for 10-15 minutes each time. This is the treatment plan that Bosley recommends. Using the Bosley LaserComb more than three times a week has not been shown to have any additional benefit.

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Can the Bosley LaserComb be used on wet hair?

The Bosley LaserComb should be used on dry hair to help the comb on the device to better part hair.

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Can the Bosley LaserComb be used with other hair loss prevention products?

While there have been no formal studies conducted on the concomitant use of the Bosley LaserComb with other topical or systemic modalities, there are no contraindications to its use in this regard.

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I have heard reports that the Bosley LaserComb is a good complementary treatment to hair transplant/surgical procedures. Why?

Anecdotal reports have shown that the Bosley LaserComb may help speed healing, but there have been no formal studies carried out in this regard.

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What is the warranty on the Bosley LaserComb?

The manufacturer of the Bosley LaserComb (Lexington International, LLC) represents and warrants that the product has been produced and performs with the accordance of the specifications and extends a 24-month warranty against manufacturer's defects. Warranty is void for negligence, misuse or use in a commercial environment. The warranty extends only to the LaserComb and power supply. The case and marketing material are not covered by this warranty. All devices returned for Warranty must be accompanied by the appropriate Warranty Return Document.

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What warnings and cautions should I be aware of?

All users of the Bosley LaserComb should read all enclosed safety instructions carefully before use.

  • Do not stare at the laser light.
  • Do not stare at the laser light reflected from any reflective surface or shine the laser in or around your eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Do not allow minors to use lasers.
  • Never shine a laser at anyone.
  • Do not point a laser at mirror-like surfaces. A reflected beam can act like a direct beam on the eye.
  • The use of magnifying optical instruments with this product can cause eye danger.
  • Do not attempt to repair, enter, alter, or interfere in any way with the workings of this appliance or any part of this appliance.
  • Use controls and performance procedures only as specified.

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