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Can Women Be Affected By Pattern Baldness Like Men?

Can Women Be Affected By Pattern Baldness Like Men?The short answer is: yes, they can. In fact, in the U.S. alone approximately 30 million women experience female pattern baldness. For women, the ...

Can Alopecia sufferers regrow hair?

People with alopecia can experience dramatic regrowth of their hair; however, the rate at which regrowth occurs differs depending on individual. So while some individuals may experience some hair ...

Can An Irregular Sleep Schedule Cause Balding?

It is believed that a lack of sleep can contribute to hair loss, but can having an irregular sleep schedule cause balding as well? Having a healthy normal sleep schedule actually is best, not only ...

Do Bald Patches Grow Back?

If you have recently noticed a bald patch or multiple bald spots, chances are you are wondering if and when the hair will grow back. Unfortunately, the loss of hair can be from many different causes, ...
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