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Category Archives: FUE (Follicular Unit Extract)

Hair Restoration Success Story: “I’ve got my natural hair back”

  The Bosley Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure utilizes the latest, minimally invasive hair transplant technology available. Bosley Artistry makes hair transplantation work like ...

Hair Loss at a Young Age – Jason’s Hair Transplant Results

Jason’s hair loss started in high school.  He was shocked when a friend mentioned his thinning hair. His hair loss continued to progress, so he decided to take action by contacting a Bosley ...

What Can I Expect From Hair Transplantation?

Since the first hair transplantation procedure ever performed decades ago, the technology and techniques have evolved to a point that good hair transplantation results, performed with the latest ...

Q: How does Follicular Unit Grafting Work?

For all my readers beginning their research on hair restoration, I wanted to write an introductory blog entry about Follicular Unit Grafting.  Follicular Unit Grafting (or Follicular Unit ...
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