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How Much Does Eyebrow Restoration Cost?

The cost of an eyebrow restoration procedure will vary depending on your level of eyebrow hair loss and your personal goals. Unlike hair transplantation, your cost isn’t solely based on the amount of grafts you’ll need. Instead, pricing is determined based on which of the three levels of eyebrow restoration you and your physician decide on.

Touch-up Eyebrow Restoration

  • Grafts: 50-100
  • Cost Estimate: $4,125

If you’re just looking for a little more fullness or a subtle reshaping, our touch-up option of 50-100 grafts is a much more natural alternative to penciling or tattooing.

Eyebrow Enhancement

  • Grafts: 101-199
  • Cost Estimate: $4,425

If years of plucking and tweezing have left you with a patchy, pencil-thin brow, our enhancement option of 101-199 grafts can significantly enhance your looks by filling in the gaps.

Full Eyebrow Restoration

  • Grafts: 200+
  • Cost Estimate: $5,125

If you were born with little to no brows or have thin or patchy brows due to genetics, disease or other reasons, our full restoration of 200+ grafts can give you a beautifully shaped brow line.

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