How to use the Bosley Micro-Roller

This video provides use instructions and tips for how get the best results when using the device.

Follicle Energizer

Pair with Your Favorite Topical Treatments

The Bosley Micro-Roller utilizes 540 medical grade stainless steel pins to create micro-channels on the outer layer of the skin to help exfoliate and rejuvenate, creating an ideal environment to foster healthy hair growth

Support healthy hair function in areas of thinning with customer favorite topical treatments.

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3pc Replacement Head Kit – Consistency is the key to success

The Micro-Roller head should be replaced approximately every two months, or when the needles begin to feel dull or blunt.
Our triple pack replacement set includes 3 replacement roller heads for use with the Bosley Micro-Roller and our fuss-free tray that makes swapping your micro-roller heads a breeze.
Contains 3 replacement rollers.

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