Tania Pauls, M.D.

Tania Pauls, M.D.


Dr. Tania Pauls’ interest in hair restoration was sparked after a family member had the procedure. “I was amazed at how natural it looked and how painless the procedure was for him,” she said. “In contrast to many other fields of medicine, this was a chance to help people feel much better about themselves.”

After beginning her medical career in Internal Medicine, Dr. Pauls decided to change her career path. She applied, was accepted and completed the comprehensive, year long Hair Transplantation Fellowship with Medical Hair Restoration (now merged with Bosley). While participating in scientific medical research in 1993 as a medical student, Dr. Pauls trained in micro-surgical techniques. During her fellowship with MHR, she trained with some of the practices most experienced hair transplant surgeons, including Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Matt Leavitt and Dr. Mel Mayer. She finds that being detail-oriented is important to hair transplantation because of the particular curl, angles and directions to consider for the thousands of hairs transplanted during a procedure.

“A person’s number one concern is if the result will look natural,” said Dr. Pauls. “With the quality of modern hair transplantation techniques, I can assure my patients that this surgery produces a completely natural result.”

She has found that in addition to her attention to detail and her training, it is important to be sensitive to the patient’s goals and objectives because the results are permanent. “I talk to patients about what they can expect before and after the surgery,” she said. “My staff and I make sure the patients are comfortable before, during and after the procedure.”

Having performed thousands of follicular unit hair transplant procedures, Dr. Pauls has found her niche in this specialty. “Follow-up visits with patients are very satisfying,” she said. “I enjoy seeing how happy they are with their results. In many cases, patients have changed their entire lifestyle after their transplant, exercising more, eating healthier and taking better care of themselves in general. It’s very rewarding to play a part in that.” Dr. Tania Pauls is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

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