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What Can Bosley Offer a Hair Salon or Stylist?

Salon owners and hairstylists are always looking for ways to give their customers the best in hair care. Many find that their clients are concerned about the state of their hair, whether they are thinning or going bald. Due to the overwhelming number of questions these clients have on ways to fix thinning hair and suggestions for treatments, Bosley had developed a unique line of hair care products that salons can carry. Bosley has these programs available only to salons and stylists: the Bosley Salon Affiliate Program and Bosley Professional Strength for Salons.

The Bosley Professional Strength Affiliate salons can recommend clients to Bosley offices around the country to educate about treatment options. This has created the first comprehensive, salon based solution for clients with fine and thinning hair. Now, salon owners and stylists can make more money and increase profitability while helping your clients learn more about the full spectrum of products and treatments that Bosley offers for all stages of hair loss.  Salons and stylists can learn more about this unique opportunity by visiting

Salons can also carry and sell the Bosley hair care kits and products by registering in the salon affiliate program. Salons usually would recommend the hair products for clients in early stages of hair loss, and suggest the clients to come in for a free Bosley consultation if the hair loss is more advanced. You can find out more about the products sold in salons and how to register your salon to carry our products on