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Do Eyebrow Transplants Leave Scars?

The art of eyebrow restoration is the absolute best way to touch up or restore your eyebrows. Eyebrow restoration is a very delicate procedure, where each hair is individually transplanted to best shape your eyebrow based on your facial type and features.

If you are worried about scars being seen on your eyebrows after surgery, you can worry no more. In the hands of Bosley professionals, there will not be any scarring in the eyebrow area at all. The only minor scarring you will see is a small amount from the donor region, which will be practically unnoticeable and easily hidden.

Bosley is world renowned for their eyebrow restoration techniques. If you are thinking about eyebrow restoration for yourself, you should set up a free consultation with a Bosley Professional. They can help guide you to the best solution available for your eyebrow hair loss, with absolutely no obligation. Learn more about Bosley and set up your free consultation today at