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Hair Transplantation in New York by Bosley

99 Park Avenue
20th Floor
New York, NY 10016

PARKING: Parking is available at ICON PARKING. It is located on 38th Street (left side of the street), between Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue. Landmarks are Japanese Restaurant on the left side, Garage and BK Shoe Repair on the right side. We do not validate parking.

Our offices are just a few blocks away from some of the finest lodgings in New York City, including The Kitano, W Hotel Court New York, and Shelburne Murray Hill. We are a ten-minute walk away from the Empire State Building, a twenty-minute walk from Times Square, and close to many other "unmissable" tourist attractions, including Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Hair Restoration

Hair transplantation is a safe, permanent solution to the problem of hair loss. The first known hair transplant in the United States was performed in 1952. Since then, the techniques used in hair restoration have evolved and matured to the point that the results of high-quality contemporary hair transplants look so natural that they're virtually undetectable, even by other doctors and barbers. Many of the advancements in hair transplantation of the past forty years originated here at Bosley Medical, which became a full-time hair transplant practice in 1974.

At Bosley, we use follicular unit techniques to imitate natural hair growth. Hairs grow in tiny groupings (known as follicular units) of just 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs each. The Bosley process begins with the removal of hair from the "donor area" at the back or sides of the patient's head, where healthy hair follicles are most likely to be plentiful. The grafts of hair are then transferred in follicular units to the areas of the patient's scalp where hair has become thin.

Bosley's expert hair restoration surgeons combine exacting medical techniques with a finely honed aesthetic sense. The creation of a truly natural-looking transplanted hairline requires an artist's eye. In performing hair transplants, doctors must take many elements into account, including hair color, hair texture, and the unique direction of each patient's natural hair growth pattern.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair restoration surgery is a simple outpatient procedure performed under local anesthetic. When you arrive at Bosley, you and your physician will discuss your goals for the procedure and finalize the details of your hair transplant surgery. The hair in your donor area will be trimmed, and you'll receive a local anesthetic. Then, your doctor will remove tissue from your donor area. Once the follicular units have been prepared for the graft, the doctor will position them on your scalp in the recipient area. After the first few days following a procedure, the typical patient experiences little or no discomfort. Once you've had surgery at Bosley Medical, you'll enjoy normal hair growth and a natural appearance.

Hair Replacement

The term "hair replacement" is a common misnomer for a procedure more accurately known as hair transplant or hair restoration. Hair is not being replaced – rather, your own working hair follicles are taken from a healthy part of your scalp and transplanted to the recipient area. Here, the hair continues to grow naturally, restoring your hairline to its previous appearance.

Other Hair Loss Treatment Options

You may wonder how non-surgical hair loss treatment methods compare to hair transplantation. Alternatives to surgery like oral medication or topical solutions can be effective in some cases, but these treatments stop working once you discontinue their use. Hair restoration surgery is the only permanent hair loss treatment.

New York Physicians

Bosley Medical employs its physicians after a rigorous screening procedure. Only the most qualified, experienced and outstanding candidates can practice under the Bosley banner, ensuring that they have the artistic skills and understanding necessary to perform hair restoration surgery at the highest level.
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