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A Proven Partnership

The hair loss experts at Bosley and Hair Club have helped hundreds of thousands of patients and clients restore their hair and transform their lives over the last 45+ years. Together, we’re able to offer patients proven solutions, innovative technologies, and decades of experience.

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The Benefits of BioGraft

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Natural-looking hairline restoration

Dual advantages of surgical and non-surgical techniques

Dramatic transformations in little time

Unlimited styling options—change your look as often as you’d like

Four Steps to a Full Head of Hair

While BioGraft makes use of two leading hair restoration techniques, the patient experience is incredibly straightforward — our hair loss experts will take care of everything.

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Preparing the Donor Area

First, we identify the recipient areas and work to personalize a plan to help you achieve the most natural-looking hairline possible. Next, we trim the hair in your donor area to facilitate the identification and removal of strong, healthy donor hairs.

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Placing the Follicular Units

When the follicular grafts are ready, we make small incisions in your recipient area that match your natural hair growth pattern. The follicular grafts are then strategically placed one by one, according to the number of hairs within each follicle, in order to maximize the naturalness, density and coverage of the thinning areas. This is where the experience and artistry of your Bosley physician is critical.

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After your FUE procedure, a professionally trained stylist at Hair Club will use Xtrands+, an advanced non-surgical hair restoration solution, to fill-in the space between your donor site and transplant area to give you a full head of natural looking hair

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Full Head of Hair

Your stylist will then shape your Xtrands+ however you’d like, giving you a full head of excellent looking hair.

FUE Reviewed

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. During this outpatient procedure, a Bosley physician extracts healthy follicles individually and transplants them to recreate a natural-looking hairline.

Because BioGraft includes this surgical procedure, a Bosley physician must conduct an examination to determine whether or not you are a candidate for an FUE procedure.

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How Hair Club®’s Xtrands+ Factors In

After your FUE procedure, one of Hair Club’s professionally licensed stylists will utilize the Strand-by-Strand® process—a state-of-the art, non-surgical solution—to give you a full head of great-looking hair.

With Xtrands+, your stylists will examine your thinning areas to determine where additional hair needs to be added and will then match your new hair to the exact color, texture, curl pattern, and density of your existing hair. Your new hair is then blended in with your existing hair using a medical-grade adhesive. Once the new hair is in place, your stylist will cut and shape your hair to achieve your ideal look.

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BioGraft Cost

Because Bosley determines the cost of all surgical procedures based on the number of grafts needed to achieve your desired results, we encourage anyone interested in BioGraft restoration to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Bosley hair restoration expert.

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