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Transgender and Gender-Neutral Hair Alignment Artistry

Most transgender and gender-neutral patients seek out a hair transplantation in order to align their hairline, eyebrows, or facial hair with a more masculine, feminine, or androgynous appearance.

To achieve these desired results, physicians use the same surgical techniques and technology that are used on any form of hair transplantation. However, alignment transplants require an additional level of nuance and artistry to achieve natural-looking results. Artistry only comes through experience, and Bosley’s award-winning physicians have performed hundreds of thousands of procedures, preparing them to help you reach your hair transplantation goals.

Male-to-Female Hair Transplantation

The primary hair restoration goal of patients who are transitioning from male to female is to create a hairline that has a feminine shape and position. Typically, this means creating a rounder hairline that is closer to the front of the skull than a masculine hairline. Hair growth orientation is what creates a soft, natural-looking transgender hair transplant.

Prior to their transition, some transgender women may have experienced male pattern baldness. If these patients have begun female hormone therapy, they will likely see their hair loss slow as their estrogen levels increase. Hormone therapy cannot reverse existing hair loss. A hair transplantation that restores density and lowers the hairline is the only permanent transgender hair loss treatment.

Female-to-Male Hair Transplantation

Male hormone therapy typically increases the amount of facial and body hair, but it can also increase hair loss across the scalp. While some of this hair loss may be unavoidable, Bosley has a variety of different hair loss treatments, including transplantation, that can address hair loss caused by hormone therapy. Additionally, patterned hair loss (pre-existing or pre-dispositioned to) can also be treated through hair transplantation depending on the level of hair loss progression and use of other treatments to slow your loss.

While hairlines are an important part of a masculine appearance, most female-to-male patients seek out facial and body hair transplantation that create a more masculine appearance.

Let’s Talk About Your Goals

If you’re in the process of transitioning genders and are considering a hair transplant to help smooth the transition, schedule your free in-person (or video) consultation to talk with a Bosley specialist about your hair transplant goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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