Bosley Hair Transplant
Bosley Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of hair transplantation is a key factor for everyone considering hair replacement options. When evaluating a Bosley hair transplant, it’s important to know that the cost of a procedure is as individual as the patient and his or her hair loss.

How much does hair transplantation cost?

The cost of your hair transplant procedure is determined on a “per graft” basis according to your individual hair replacement needs; that’s why it’s not realistic to provide an estimate online or over the phone. Instead, we encourage patients to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Ultimately, a Bosley doctor will determine your plan and the cost of hair transplant based on:

  • Hair loss you’ve experienced so far
  • Amount of donor hair available
  • Characteristics of your donor hair (texture, color, curl, etc.)
  • Your desired results

Although your own hair restoration cost will be determined by your individual needs, the following provides a general range of the number of hair grafts required for restoration. Some patients choose to have more than one procedure to achieve their personal goals. The more hairs that are transplanted during a procedure, the lower the final “cost per graft” will be (1,200 grafts, for instance, will not cost twice as much as 600 grafts). To get the most accurate answer to the question “how much does hair transplant cost”, Bosley encourages prospective patients to come in for a free scalp and hair analysis to determine the size of the procedure needed to achieve your restoration goals.

Financing for hair transplantation

With multiple financing and payment options available, hair restoration at Bosley has never been more affordable.† Many patients find financing a convenient, affordable way to get the procedure they want right now. You owe it to yourself to speak with a Bosley counselor about how you can make your restoration goals possible today.

Financing options are available through third party credit agencies. Bosley is not affiliated with any of these agencies and does not make any recommendations for or against any of these agencies. Bosley does not receive any remuneration for a person to apply for or receive financing through any of these credit agencies.

By submitting the online application and/ or providing information to Bosley for financing, you consent to Bosley’s financing rules, regulations and policies, as well as to the rules, regulations and policies of the third party credit agencies. You are also acknowledging that you have read and agreed to the terms of usage and the privacy policies.

To apply for financing through our third party credit agencies, simply access and submit the online application and someone will be in touch with you shortly. To get more information about financing options, schedule your free consultation with one of our specialists by completing the form on this page now.

Note: At this time, Bosley and its third party credit agencies only accept credit applications from U.S. residents. For residents of Canada, please contact Medicard and apply directly.


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†Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See provider for details. All figures are estimates. Actual monthly payments will vary from lender to lender based upon the amount financed, the terms for which you apply, and your credit standing. Rates for various lenders’ programs range from 3.99% to 28.99%. Additional terms and conditions may apply depending on the lender selected. All information subject to change without notice.

Financing is provided by independent finance lenders, and the lenders independently approve the financing and its terms and conditions. Bosley does not receive any compensation upon the submission or lender’s independent approval of an application. Submission of an application does not obligate you to use the lender to finance a procedure and no amounts are charged until you agree to undergo a procedure. A Bosley physician must confirm that you are a candidate for surgical hair restoration.

The real value of Bosley hair transplantation

Many people assume surgical hair restoration is simply too expensive to even consider, opting instead for hairpieces, topical or medicinal treatments. However, it’s important to consider the long-term implications and costs of other options.

A Bosley hair transplant restoration is a permanent solution. Although we may recommend individual treatments like Propecia®, Bosley Healthy Hair Complex, or the Bosley LaserComb to maintain your existing hair, it is highly unlikely you would need to replace any transplanted hair. You can enjoy your own hair and the confidence it brings for the rest of your life.