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The Artistic Difference

Bosley physicians are recognized for their ability to create extremely natural looking results for our patients. In fact, it is this attention to artistry that we consider to be a hallmark of the Bosley name. To achieve the most realistic results, Bosley physicians evaluate several factors during your consultation to design a specific hair restoration plan for you, including:

Artistic Difference Plan

A restored hairline by Bosley looks completely natural because it is not a line at all. It's actually a zone of hair that transitions from fine, thin, solitary hairs at the front to thicker, denser hair the further back you go on the head. Bosley achieves this natural result using micrografts - fine, delicate hairs that are blended into the hairline zone. The Micrograft® process enables Bosley to restore hairlines that look as soft and feathered as man's original, natural hairline Each Bosley-restored hairline is done with this principle in mind, creating a hairline zone that makes it nearly impossible to distinguish between native and transplanted hairs. Look closely at a Bosley hairline yourself using our hairline magnifier.

Bosley also applies these skills to eyebrow restoration with tremendous results. Read more about the advantages of hair transplantation and what to look for when choosing a physician.

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