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5 Myths About Hair Loss

I found a great article from Dr. John P. Schwinning of the International Hair Surgical Group that debunks some of the common myths about hair loss. Dr. Schwinning explains that 40% of men over the age of 40 will experience some form of hair loss, but none due to the conditions listed below. These myths simply “defy logic and basic science.” Here’s an excerpt from the Doctor’s article:

Myth 1: Baldness comes from the mother’s side. 
While the main cause of hair loss in both men and women is genetic, a condition known as androgenetic alopecia, it is not a hereditary trait confined to either parent. If your mother or father’s family has a history of baldness, you can inherit the gene and experience male pattern baldness or female hair loss.

Myth 2: Wearing hats can cause balding. 
Contrary to popular belief the normal wearing of hats does not cause hair loss. You would need to wear your hat so tightly that circulation to the hair follicles was cut off. Typical day to day wearing of hats will not cause hair loss.

Myth 3: Blow drying, frequent hair washing and use of styling products can cause the loss of hair. 
While excessive blow drying and washing can damage the quality of your hair turning it dry or brittle, normal use does not cause hair loss. Similarly, the use of hair coloring and styling products, when used as directed have no effect other than those intended.

Myth 4: Cutting/shaving your hair will make it grow back thicker. 
Your hair follicle is thicker at the base of the shaft than at the tip, so while cutting or shaving may make your hair appear thicker by contrast initially, as it continues to grow it will maintain the same thickness as prior to cutting.

Myth 5: Brushing your hair is better than combing it and is good for follicle stimulation. 
While the general consensus is that combing as opposed to brushing reduces the occurrence of hair breakage and split ends, neither action will induce growth or for that matter hair loss.

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