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Are Certain Types of Shampoo Better or Worse for Hair Loss?

Dr. Ken Washenik is the Medical Director at Bosley.  Dr. Washenik along with other Bosley hair restoration physicians answer a wide range of questions related to hair loss, hair transplantation and non-surgical hair loss treatments.

Bosley Patient And GirlfriendIn the following video, Dr. Washenik answers a commonly asked question about hair loss and shampoo selection.

“So when asked about shampoo and what type of shampoos can be used – more importantly, can any type of shampoo cause hair loss?  There are a few general concepts.  The first one is that anything that irritates your scalp, you should not use.  Then you want something that will help your scalp keep from developing an inflammatory state.  So, if you have actual dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis you should use a medicated shampoo.  If you don’t, you then you should use a shampoo like the Bosley Professional Strength products that are good, gentle shampoos that clean your hair, clean the hair fibers, but also clean your scalp.

Also, any amount of volumizing or thickening you can get from the shampoo or the conditioners, the wet goods that you’re using, is also very helpful.  It’s only cosmetic, but it gives your hair a fuller appearance.” -Dr. Ken Washenik

Bosley developed its own 5-step Professional Strength for Men and Professional Strength for Women that is more than just nourishing shampoo.  The systems also include a volumizing conditioner, dietary supplement, follicle energizer and hair regrowth treatment.  Bosley’s hair regrowth treatment includes Minoxidil in different strengths for men and women.

Also available is Bosley Hair Thickening Fibers, which help to eliminate the appearance of thinning hair.

Bosley provides a comprehensive hair loss evaluation at more than 70 offices throughout the U.S.  The consultation is complimentary, no-obligation and private.  You’ll have the opportunity to express your hair restoration goals while learning about hair loss causes and available hair loss treatments.

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