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Bosley Patient Testimonial – Steven A (Video)

Steven, a business manager and triathlete, started to notice how much his thinning hair was bothering him during a triathlon, when he had to remove his swim cap and felt pangs of anxiety about how his hair looked to the crowd.

At this point, he’d been dealing with the hair loss by doing the minimal (trying out a topical here and there) but it got to the point that he could no longer ignore it.

The hair restoration results Steve got from his Bosley procedure give him a sense of pride and self-assurance, and he’s enjoyed his more youthful appearance since the procedure. Learn more about all available hair loss treatment options or request your free information kit & DVD packet at  If you are ready to discuss your hair loss and restoration options with a Bosley counselor or physician, call 800-249-6946 to schedule your free, in-person consultation.