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Can Hair Lightening Products Cause Hair Loss?

Many men and women use hair lightening products during the summer to amplify the natural bleaching process that is caused by the sun. However, over-exposure to the sun can result in serious sunburns. Although using these products may help brighten your locks, they may also encourage you to stay in the sun longer, causing damage to the scalp. Repeated burns to the scalp can cause permanent damage to the skin and hair follicles.

Although it’s unlikely that non-frequent use of these types of lightening products will cause hair loss, damaged caused by the sun and heat may cause damage that can lead to hair loss. If you think you are experiencing hair loss, it’s important to consult with your physician first to rule out any underlying medical conditions.  After consulting with your physician, if you want more information about hair loss you can set up a free consultation with a Bosley professional. During this consultation, you can learn more about Bosley’s hair restoration options and find a treatment solution that works best for your hair loss goals.

What to do next?

To learn more about your hair restoration options and the average hair transplant timeline, The Complete Book on Hair Restoration, to see how great your hair can look. If you’re ready to do something about that bald spot or thinning hair now, schedule a FREE in-person or video consultation with a trained Bosley hair restoration specialist. Together with a Bosley Physician, we can help you find out what’s causing your balding and what treatment solution is right for you.

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