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Have Bosley doctors won awards for its work in hair restoration?

Yes, Bosley has been recognized for its fine work in hair restoration, for decades. At Bosley, each physician brings a unique set of skills and experience to the practice of hair restoration. Whether their individual background stems from general, plastic, or emergency surgery, dermatology, or prior excellence in hair restoration surgery or board certification in a medical specialty, Bosley doctor are selected based on their individual aptitude for hair restoration and are trained in the practices and techniques that have made Bosley the world’s most experienced hair restoration expert.
Bosley is extremely proud of the depth and breadth of our physicians’ knowledge and involvement in the medical field. Many professional affiliations and memberships, honors and titles represent the combined experience, both past and present, which Bosley physicians deliver to their patients every day. Bosley physicians have been and continue to be highly recognized in the field of hair restoration and are regularly sought after as speakers at major hair restoration conferences and meetings. For a complete list of awards and credentials, or to schedule a consultation, go to