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Is Hair Linked to Career Success?

Increasingly, there is a perception that physical features such as hair can impact various areas of life, including one’s career. According to International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), more than 61.9% felt having more hair would help them be more “successful in getting a job or advancing their career.”

Another study done by ISHRS demonstrates that 50 percent of all men and over 25 percent of women worldwide are affected by hair loss and believe there is a “significant impact on a person’s self-esteem and overall quality of life” when losing hair.

Bosley patient, Marc B. attests to how confidence gained by restored hair shaped an important area in his life – his career. “Not having the hair was really affecting my confidence level. Now, my career is better than it’s ever been. I’m not afraid of being in front of people now,” he says.

Another Bosley patient, Ron C., discusses how his confidence level really plummeted after experiencing substantial hair loss. “Everybody talks about confidence level. My confidence just went chhh. So the one thing that really got to me was [the fact that] when I graduate college, not a lot of employers would like to see a bald person, and that really, really hurts me. So I felt discouraged all around. I didn’t want to even think about looking for a job after I graduated.”

After undergoing a Bosley restoration, Ron’s confidence level began to turn around. “People think at that time I was about 41; that was the oldest that I’ve got. I felt offended, and now I’m like 25 years younger again,” he says, noting that he would recommend Bosley to anyone, including his family members.

Hair restoration is a good option for those wanting to have a fuller head of hair, in reasons to restore confidence, whether it may impact career goals or personal matters. “My life has changed drastically,” says Ruben M., a Bosley hair restoration patient. “I’m a different person – I’m much more outgoing, I’m much more adventurous, and because of those attitude changes, my career has just skyrocketed… I feel like the sky’s the limit. I can accomplish almost anything.”

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