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Drive to the top of the hill and park in the upper parking lot. Parking is free.

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Join the millions of men and women who have come to Bosley for answers to their hair restoration questions

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I loved wearing braids. What I didn’t realize was I was damaging my hairline. It wasn’t until I started wearing wigs for work that I realized the extent of the damage. I started researching on the internet and found out that I suffered from traction alopecia. I also found out that I am not alone. Many women suffer from this. After all the research I did, I realized there was really only one answer to fix my hairline, and it was hair restoration.

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Bosley patient Kelly before

When I was in high school, I started noticing hair loss. I would think about it going to bed, when waking up, I would have to always think of the hair styles before getting them. After doing my research, I called Bosley and set up a consultation. Bosley was easy, affordable and it's the best thing I ever did. Bosley gave me my life back!

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Bosley patient Josh G before Before

I can swim now without being embarrassed about how my hair/scalp looks. Now it takes seconds to get my hair looking presentable. Love, Love, Love my results! Thanks, Bosley!

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Bosley patient Torrance before Before

Actual Bosley Patient. Individual results may vary.

Bosley was the best choice I ever made for myself.

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Bosley patient Dean before Before

Actual Bosley Patient. Individual results may vary.

In my career, everything is based on appearances. After my hair restoration I felt better, more at ease than any time before.

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Local Reviews

119 Reviews

Dec 29, 2021

Great Staff Very Pleased as Always

Dec 15, 2021

The staff were extremely pleasant. They were very eager to help and to ensure I was comfortable.

Dec 13, 2021

Dr Epstein is very knowledgeable and has a great "chairside manner". We weren't able to get as many grafts done as I'd hoped but Dr Epstein did the best he could with my hair. Tim and Amber worked with me most of the time and were terrific. Tim has a great combination of experience and compassion. I can tell that he really cares about the work he's doing and his patient' s experience. Much thanks to each of you!!!

Nov 26, 2021

I thought that all the staff in Richmond office were friendly, professional and cared for my needs.

Nov 6, 2021

Thank you, again. The procedure was painless and actually really interesting to have done, and the healing and growth over a year has actually been something to really look forward to. Anticipation itself is a positivity booster, and the results themselves are totally worth it. As for finasteride, I went from being afraid of it to wishing I'd started it sooner! Thank you for getting me on that regimen.

Nov 6, 2021

It's been a day post-op, and I'm looking forward to the results. The entire crew was professional and friendly during my procedure, and made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. The procedure was methodical and unrushed. The physician personally handled the equipment for selecting donor grafts and creating implantation sites and remained in office to oversee the entire process. The technicians and RN had years of experience in their field. The front office was and continues to be accommodating and supportive. Expectations from research online were met, and I'm glad I chose Bosley. UPDATE 🙂, 1 year and three days post-op. It worked! I can actually choose hairstyles again, instead of pushing it all together and trying to justify not shaving it. Now, for a good 9 months I still wore my head shaved. But even the new hairline that was established made it look sleek. No one noticed the donor site scars, even when I pointed out the donor area (I do have fair skin, which I've been told helps scarring to blend in.) It was really encouraging to see new growth over the months. Around month 6 I tried growing it out, and it hadn't quite filled in yet. I called Dr. Epstein with concerns about it, and he encouraged me to be patient. After the 9 or 10 month mark was when all those hairs thickened up and started growing in sync. Now I sweep my hair back or down across my forehead, and I’ll experiment with growing out the front. Follow your prescribed regimen (don’t be scared of finasteride, I didn’t experience side effects!), be patient, and look forward to your investment. Thanks again to the crew that worked on my procedure!

Nov 2, 2021

This was my second time getting the hair restoration done. Everyone was so friendly and very helpful. I was nervous but, they all helped me to over come it. I’m so glad I decided to come back

Oct 19, 2021

My experience is a little bit different because I am transgender and am pursuing a more feminine hairline. My hairline has made me uncomfortable since I was in middle school and I am glad I could get this procedure done to make me that much less self-conscious. The initial consultation was absolutely great. All phone interactions were very friendly. When I mentioned I was trans and looking for a more feminine hairline there was no hesitation in updating my treatment plan and explaining the changes. During his consultation, Dr. Epstein asked me some clarifying questions about what stage I was at in my transition so that he could better assess the outcome I was looking for. Some of the questions felt slightly unrelated to the procedure, but I think after voicing my concerns with Dr. E that his intentions were only to ensure that the results would be something I would be satisfied with. I elected to have the procedure done at the Virginia Beach location due to scheduling. On the actual day of the operation, the initial part of the procedure went well and the staff was extremely courteous and friendly. Towards the end of the implantation of the grafts, the staff rotated someone I presume is a trainee in who was so nervous his hands were trembling and he had to receive frequent instruction from other attendees. I had no idea that they would be rotating staff, but ultimately this did not seem to impact the results. I will say that the results after the surgery have been very good so far, and everyone I show my new hairline to is pretty impressed. I think the pictures you see on Google searches when searching for "hair restoration" focus on negative results but I am very pleased and the staff here are very friendly and welcoming.

Oct 4, 2021

I was treated very well. You told me what you were going to do and then did it.

Oct 3, 2021

Everyone at Bosley Clinic had welcome me with words and smile. Courtney: a wonderful person who will guide you from the start with the paper work and provides answers to your queries about medication fill ups etc. Thanks very much Courtney!

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