Bosley Hair Transplant
Bosley Hair Transplant

What Is TriGen+ with Power Matrix PRP™ Therapy?

Bosley’s TriGen+™ with Power Matrix PRP™ is a non-surgical treatment for hair loss that combines the advanced hair restoration potential of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy with the proven power of low-level laser therapy and Bosley Professional Strength® products. Under the direction of an experienced Bosley physician, these three treatments combine to create one powerful solution so you can take control of your hair health.
PRP is an innovative, non-surgical therapeutic treatment that uses the essential growth factors in your own platelet-rich blood cells to stimulate natural hair growth through a process known as bio-revitalization. Long used by orthopedic surgeons to accelerate the recovery of injuries in elite athletes, PRP™ is now being used as an innovative hair loss solution.

PRP Hair Restoration: A New Non-Surgical Solution

At Bosley, each treatment is monitored by an experienced hair restoration physician who continually monitors your progress to ensure the best possible results.
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“My PRP experience has been nothing but positive. The procedure was pain-free and I was back to work an hour later. Best of all, my wife noticed a difference within just three weeks. I’m actually looking forward to the next treatment.” - JOSHUA B., Bosley Patient

Is TriGen+ with Power Matrix PRP™ Right for You?

Our TriGen+ with Power Matrix PRP™ solution is designed for men and women who aren’t ready or who aren’t good candidates for surgical hair restoration. It can also be used as a way for patients who’ve had a hair transplantation to accelerate healthy hair growth. Schedule a consultation to customize your TriGen+ with Power Matrix PRP™ treatment plan.

Take Control of Your Hair Health

Male Hair Loss 1

Hair loss can occur at any age, which is why it’s so important to be proactive about your hair health. For those with early-stage hair loss, Bosley’s TriGen+ with Power Matrix PRP™ can help you preserve the hair you have without the need for surgery.
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A New Solution for Female Hair Loss

Women's Hair Regrowth

If you’re a woman who suffers from hair loss but who isn’t a good candidate for surgical hair transplantation due to your specific type of hair thinning, Bosley’s TriGen+ with Power Matrix PRP™ offers an exciting new non-surgical hair loss treatment option.
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Protect the Hair You Have

If you’ve already had a hair restoration surgery, TriGen+ with Power Matrix PRP™ can not only help accelerate hair growth in your newly transplanted hair, it can also help nourish your existing hair and protect against future hair loss.
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The Power of Three

Powered by the most effective and cutting-edge hair restoration treatments available, TriGen+ with Power Matrix PRP™ helps preserve the hair you have, stimulate new hair growth and promote stronger, healthier hair, all without surgery.

Bosley TriGen+

How Does PRP Work?

Enriched plasma promotes the bio-stimulation of your scalp, helping to both regrow your hair and thicken existing hair.

Advantages of PRP™

  • Simple non-surgical procedure.
  • Short procedure (you can go back to your normal day in about an hour).
  • Very safe.
  • Quick recovery period.
  • Natural-looking end results.

What Is Bosley’s Power Matrix PRP™?

Bosley’s Power Matrix PRP™ is a special medical process that Bosley physicians follow to ensure optimal results from PRP hair restoration therapy. Your Bosley physician strategically targets the placement of the PRP injections on your scalp to help promote growth of healthy hair and regrowth of thinning hair. Our Power Matrix PRP™ process creates a “matrix” pattern on the scalp, allowing the enriched plasma and nutrients to synergistically work together in a powerful manner to restore your hair when used in combination with low-level laser therapy and Bosley Professional Strength® products.

What Makes TriGen+ with Power Matrix PRP™ Effective?

We pair our PRP therapy with low-level laser therapy and our Professional Strength® products to create a three-step treatment solution to help regrow, revive and renew your hair.

Low-level Laser Therapy

Bosley Cap

After your PRP therapy, our clinical-strength low-level laser therapy devices work by providing a specific wavelength of light to the scalp area to stimulate tissue molecules. By using one of our devices just a few minutes a day, you can regrow and strengthen your hair in the privacy of your own home.

Bosley Professional Strength Products

Bosley Products

Our Bosley Professional Strength® products contain ingredients that nourish and invigorate the scalp and hair to prevent hair loss and promote regrowth — all while leaving your hair looking fuller, richer and healthier. Our five-step system includes a 5% minoxidil solution, the only topical ingredient approved by the FDA to help stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth.

The Bosley Experience

The Bosley experience means that you’re always attended to by a hair specialist — an expert physician committed to the science and artistry of hair restoration. Your physician works with you one on one — from the consultation all the way to the post-treatment follow-ups — to ensure that you’re always maximizing your hair growth.

Regrow, stronger, thicker, healthier hair.

Find out why Bosley's TriGen+ Power Matrix PRP is a good solution for women.

Alison G. Before & After TriGen+

"Having my hair back means so much to me. I am happy now when I look in the mirror!" - Alison G. Before and after TriGen+ Individual results may vary

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