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Cary Scott Feldman


Prior to pursuing medicine as a profession, Dr. Cary Scott Feldman was an Art Major at Wayne State University. Consequently, he has a unique approach to hair restoration surgery. By combining his surgical skills with his artistic talents, Dr. Feldman creates distinctive hairlines that aesthetically balance form with function. “I was introduced to the specialty of hair restoration surgery in the early 1990’s and was convinced that this was my calling, because it allowed me to combine my two passions: art and science,” stated Dr. Feldman.

Dr. Feldman is a graduate of the esteemed Wayne State University School of Medicine and a member of the honored Phi-Beta Kappa society. After attending multiple seminars in hair transplantation surgery, Dr. Feldman sought intense training to perfect his surgical skills under the direction of some of the most highly respected hair transplant surgeons in the world. “During my training, I had an opportunity to handle every conceivable situation and developed a total comfort level in all aspects of hair transplantation,” remarked Dr. Feldman. “Additionally, I enjoyed the benefits of working with an innovative, talented and committed group of surgeons. We shared our techniques and critiqued one another to suggest ways in which to improve the quality of our results.” After 5 years of concentrated study, Dr. Feldman became one of less than 100 doctors in the world to be a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. To maintain this qualification, Dr. Feldman recertified his credential and has continued to attend young hair restoration meetings for the past 26 years. From his accomplishments and continued education within the field, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) a premier educational body, has awarded Dr. Feldman with the highest honors of being awarded the honor of becoming a Fellow of the ISHRS.

Although Dr. Feldman has a distinctive education and notable training, it is his surgical philosophy that is most impressive. He believes in total patient involvement and individualized patient care. “I want my patients to enjoy a personal, quality experience. I provide my patients with the perfect hairline for them…one hair, one hairline at a time, using the most advanced follicular unit techniques,” he stressed.

With more than 5,000 surgeries under his belt, Dr. Feldman understands that an excellent hair transplant procedure depends upon the hairline. “The success of any hair transplant is determined by the design of the hairline because it frames your face and is the part everyone sees. In fact, in my experience, the perfect hairline is actually imperfect! Therefore, I recreate a hairline the way nature originally intended it to be.”

Bosley Houston is happy to have Dr. Feldman on board, to share his passion and expertise.

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