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Tips & Tricks On Taking Your Before & After Photos

  1. Choose a Plain Background. A neutral background will help keep the focus where it is needed -- your hair.
  2. Good lighting is crucial. Avoid artificial lighting and camera flash. Bright, natural light with minimal shadows works best. 3. Correct angles are important -- front, top, back, and (optional) sides. Some times asking a friend for help or utilizing a selfie stick will ensure you can get the right angles.
  3. Consistency. The after photo should match the before photo. Matching the head angles, lighting, hair style to the best of your ability.
  4. Focus. The photo should be clear and in focus.
  5. Take 4 photos of your head, including a front view, top view, side view and back view. For best results, follow the examples.

Share Your Photos and Story

Email your photos and story to [email protected]*.

Thank you for sharing your story and photos! This helps potential Bosley patients make the right decision on treating their hair loss.

*By sending this email, I give Bosley permission to utilizing my photos and/or story for marketing purposes.

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