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Hair Loss Treatment for Men & Women

You may be wondering what to expect when you come to Bosley for our hair restoration for men and women. Read below for information on our transplantation services, as well as for reasons why you should come to us for hair transplants for men and women.

  • First, you should understand what hair transplantation entails: it's an out-patient, surgical procedure performed by licensed surgeons that move individual hair follicles from a part of your body, known as the 'donor site', and implanting them on a balding part of your body, which is the 'recipient site'. We usually take hair follicles from what is known as the “wreath” area of your head – the sides and back, where hair always grows – no matter how much hair you've lost from the top of your head. Hair transplantation is effective as an alopecia treatment and works for many other causes of hair loss as well.
  • This procedure is performed under a local anesthetic and is minimally invasive. We'll take grafts containing hair follicles to transplant to where your hair is thinning.
  • Hair actually grows in a group of one to four hairs. Bosley's hair replacement for men transplant procedure will harvest your hair in these groupings. This state-of-the-art transplantation technique achieves a natural appearance, one that looks almost identical to how your hair used to look. This is called strip harvesting and it's what we're known for around the world and why our hair loss treatment for men and women is considered by many experts to be the best around.

Aside from surgical hair transplantation, for those that are looking for a short-term hair loss treatment there are three main medically-approved options, but they aren't as effective as our surgical hair transplant procedures for men and women:

This medication only works for men. It has received approval from the FDA as an alopecia treatment for male pattern hair loss, but has not received approval for women's use.

The medication's effectiveness depends upon the type of hair loss and its location. Finasteride does not work well on receding hairlines. Also, men who are already "shiny bald" are unlikely to have positive results because the hair follicles may not be salvageable. Men who have moderate thinning in the back or top of the head have a better chance of obtaining some visible benefit from this alopecia treatment, but only for as long as they continue taking the medication.

Propecia is effective as a temporary thinning hair treatment, but the results don’t last forever and that's a major downside in our eyes. Our permanent hair loss solutions for men and women never "stop working," because the hair we transplant from the part of your head that never stops growing hair, well, it never stops growing!

This hair treatment works for both men and women. The only direct hair growth stimulator currently FDA-approved for hair loss is topical Minoxidil. A common brand is Rogaine®, a hair loss treatment that works to some degree in most patients. A 5 percent solution and foam have been approved for men, and a 2 percent solution is available for both women and men. Using the drug is simple: twice a day you apply a liquid or foam hair treatment to your scalp.

The one drawback of Minoxidil as an effective hair loss treatment is that – just like Propecia – if you stop using it, any benefits achieved from this particular hair loss treatment will eventually be lost. You must use the hair treatment continuously or your hair will revert to its previous loss pattern.

The laser comb is the first home-use medical laser device for hair treatment that has been clinically proven and FDA cleared, for men and women, to stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth. The device is a hand-held instrument for alopecia treatment that you'll need to use for 10-15 minutes a day, three times a week. It's cordless and has easy-to-use features providing the convenience of a hair restoration program in your own home.

The Bosley LaserComb® Elite is an ideal alopecia treatment for individuals with very early-stage hair loss. Although it is not intended to treat advanced hair loss, the laser comb may be used either on pre-operative and/or post-operative patients to improve the results of hair restoration surgery. You can purchase the Bosley LaserComb® Elite online from the Bosley Store.

In 2014, the Theradome(TM) Laser Helmet became the second Low Level Laser Therapy cleared by FDA. It is a clinical-strength therapy device for the treatment of hair-loss and is ideal for hair transplant patients. It is available over-the-counter, wearable, non-invasive, and is intended for use in the privacy and convenience of one's own home. For more information on Theradome™ and to purchase the helmet online, visit the Bosley Store.

Bosley Hair Transplantation

Bosley's permanent hair restoration procedure is the most effective way to restore hair loss in the advanced stages of balding for both men and women. Bosley's hair loss solutions for men and women are especially helpful when receding hairlines or thinning hair have become serious issues. For those suffering from genetic hair loss, such as male and female pattern baldness, other hair loss solutions might slow down the hair loss, but they cannot combat it entirely. In fact, of all the hair loss solutions available out there, hair transplantation is the only known solution to permanently restore hair. Success rates may vary from one individual to another, but Bosley hair transplantation is most often the final option for many suffering from hair loss.

Interested in learning more about our state-of-the-art hair restoration for men and women? Contact us today to speak with a Bosley professional about your options for hair loss treatment.

Do you have further questions? Take a look at our FAQ page for questions that many people have had regarding hair loss treatment. Interested in seeing pictures and hearing from people who have undergone the procedure themselves? Take a look at some of our hair restoration testimonials

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