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Bosley Patient Testimonial – Jerry L

Meet Jerry

Jerry is an entertainer and musician. Jerry had Class 3 hair loss and came to Bosley to restore his hairline, his image and his confidence on and off the stage.

“I have been in show business my whole life. I have toured with big artists like Ricky Martin, Mark Anthony, and I work in town with Clint Holmes. We are entertainers and there are the aesthetics to think about. As I started losing my hair, seeing it getting thin, it started bothering me, especially under the lights. I would look in the mirror and I would see someone that was older than the way I felt. I am 50 but I don’t feel that way.”

“Now, if you look at my before picture, you can see that the hair is much more receded and it’s very thin on top. At that point I was freaking out. Now I look the way I feel. I am a lot more confident on stage than when I was when I was losing my hair.”

“I tell people all the time, going to Bosley and getting my hair restored is the greatest thing I ever did. I am ecstatic about it, I love it!”

After meeting with a Bosley hair restoration specialist and learning about the different hair loss options Bosley offers, Chuck decided a Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT) would be the best option for him.

A FUT is a simple, one-day outpatient hair transplant procedure that works by restoring the hair in your thinning areas and hairline. Follicles are distributed evenly for a natural look and allows for maximum coverage.

Hair Loss Treatment Options

In general, there are two main types of hair loss treatments:

Hair transplantation procedures that can help you grow hair where you don’t have it anymore. This is typically the best option for men with more advanced hair loss.

Non-surgical treatments that are designed to help you keep the hair you have and helping you grow thicker, fuller, healthier hair. These are generally recommended for men with early-stage hair loss or those that who are trying to retain their existing hair.

Are you part of the 50%?

By the age of 50, 50% of men have at least some noticeable hair loss. It’s never too late to address your hair loss. No matter what stage you’re in, there are solutions that can help.

If this sounds similar to your situation, now is a great time to address your hair loss and take action. The earlier you do something about your hair loss, the greater the opportunity to preserve your hair.

There is no single age that people start losing their hair. It depends on a variety of reasons.

How do I decide what is right for me?

We know that everyone’s hair loss is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

The next step is to set up a free consultation with a Bosley hair restoration specialist, just like Chuck did! During your consultation, they’ll help you decide the best course of action based on your specific needs and individual goals.

We’ve been in the hair restoration business for over 45 years, we understand how important it is to feel confident, and your hair has a lot to do with that. We’re ready to help you take the next steps and help you get back what you have lost!


What to do next?

To learn more about your hair restoration options and the average hair transplant timeline, The Complete Book on Hair Restoration, to see how great your hair can look. If you’re ready to do something about that bald spot or thinning hair now, schedule a FREE in-person or video consultation with a trained Bosley hair restoration specialist. Together with a Bosley Physician, we can help you find out what’s causing your balding and what treatment solution is right for you.

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