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Can a Bald Person Receive a Hair Transplant?

Dr. David Deutsch answers whether patients who are completely bald are candidates for a hair transplant.

“A fair number of patients come in that are completely bald and want to know whether or not they’re candidates for hair transplantation.  And yes, they are candidates, depending on whether or not they have a good donor supply.  So the donor supply is the hair that remains, that fringe of hair that remains on the back of the head.  As long as there’s a good donor supply back there, then you’re a candidate.

Now, we can’t restore all of the hair if there’s a tremendous amount of hair that’s been lost and it’s a supply and demand issue.  But we can at least restore a hairline and add that density behind that which makes a tremendous change in appearance.  And that’s what hair transplantation is all about, making a change in appearance.” -Dr. David Deutsch

Donor hair comes from the sides and back of the head and is used for hair transplantation because it is resistant to DHT.  DHT is a hormone that is the primary cause of male-pattern hair loss.  Donor hair retains its resistance to DHT when transplanted and will essentially continue to grow forever where genetically sensitive hair failed.
The two techniques used to transplant donor hair are the FUE and FUT.  Both hair restoration techniques result in a completely natural look, one that is indistinguishable from someone who didn’t have the procedure.  Your Bosley physician will help decide the technique best for your specific goals.

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