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Coach Mike’s Hair Transformation

Here at Bosley, we help people reclaim their confidence through hair restoration every single day. Coach Mike Bayer has also devoted his life to helping people regain their confidence – but rather than doing so through hair restoration, he does so as a life coach. 

Coach Mike Bayer is a personal development coach whose mission is to help people achieve sound mental health in order to become their best selves. He’s also a two-time New York Times best-selling author and the Founder and CEO of CAST Centers. He’s one of the most impactful and accomplished life coaches in the world today and has a highly reputable track record, helping thousands of individuals and families each year.

So when Coach Mike Bayer noticed he was losing his hair and reached out to us for a solution, we were excited to help. Just over a year ago, Mike turned to Bosley and got an FUE hair transplant, which uses Bosley’s trademarked hair-by-hair technology that leaves no linear scar and is virtually undetectable.

Last week, he invited Bosley’s own Dr. Deutsch who performed his procedure on his podcast, Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer. They talked about his experience and discussed hair loss, hair restoration, and the effects both can have on a person’s confidence.

Read on or listen to the podcast here to learn about Coach Mike’s personal hair loss journey and how getting his hair back has impacted his life. 

Coach Mike’s Hair Transformation

Hair loss is typically a gradual process… but in Coach Mike’s experience, he started noticing it all at once. “I didn’t realize I was going bald until I was really bald.” Dr. Deutsch says that’s actually common. “It’s one of those things where if you’re not tuned into it, you might not know it. It takes about 50% loss in an area before you notice it, so a lot of people will come in and say they’ve only started losing their hair within the last couple of years. But I can look at them and tell it’s been longer than that.”

Coach Mike started his hair restoration journey with Bosley just over a year ago. He went to Bosley because they were such a trusted name in the hair restoration industry… but he didn’t know what exactly to expect, and there was a lot that surprised him about how the procedure actually worked. 

It wasn’t until Coach Mike got a free Bosley consultation that he learned how hair transplants are done – how a doctor takes hair from the back of the head (since it’s more resistant to the effects of heredity and hormones that cause hair loss) and moves it to the front, the top, or wherever the need is. Coach Mike got an FUE hair transplant, an all-day one-day procedure where hairs are removed one by one and then placed back in one by one.

Coach Mike’s hair restoration procedure was pleasant, but it was the results that made him really excited. He started noticing his hair growing back around six months after his procedure, then full results about a year later.

Coach Mike Bayer Before and After Hair Transplant
Coach Mike Bayer Before and After Hair Transplant

In Coach Mike’s words, “I had a very good experience. I mean, the before and after pictures speak for themselves. I think it looks great. And it’s wild how much hair has grown on my head. It’s cool that, at 43 years old, I’m able to grow my hair out again. When you’re balding, you really can’t do much except one style. Now, I’ve started dying my hair, I’ve started styling it, I wear it longer than I used to… and for me, it brought me a lot of confidence and attention I hadn’t even expected. I didn’t exactly have low self-esteem about how I looked, but I thought I was like, this bearish-looking guy when I had short hair. And then when I started to grow it out, I noticed it just worked better.”

How Hair Loss Can Affect Your Life

Coach Mike’s hair transplant has certainly affected how he looks… but for him and many other men, hair loss is much more than skin-deep. As Dr. Deutsch puts it, “Hair loss is a security issue for many guys. It affects their sense of well-being as well as their general appearance. Historically, hair has been associated with power, even all the way back to biblical times – think Samson, right? And, you know, you look at advertisements and you see a guy in a convertible with his long flowing hair. There’s just always been this sense that hair really can make somebody, and on the other hand, hair loss can really lead to the loss of self-esteem.”

Coach Mike even experienced other people treating him differently because of his hair loss. He said, “You know, when I would go on television on Dr. Phil, they’d color in parts of my hair. And when I wrote my last book, I remember when they were choosing the covers, they even offered to fill in more of my hairline. And I thought, what a weird thing. They’re wanting to fill in my hairline. But it just goes to show that so many people are really invested and interested in having hair.”

On the flip side, restoring your hair after losing it can also have a major impact. Dr. Deutsch says, “It hits on a lot of different facets of life. We’ll have men and women come in, get a procedure done, and start to feel better about themselves right away. It transforms them and sets this sort of positive domino effect where then they say, ‘Hey, you know what, maybe I should lose some weight.’ And they start exercising, they start eating better, they invest more in their relationships, and it’s a whole transformative process that started with hair restoration.”

Why Talk About Hair Loss?

Yet even with how common hair loss is and how beneficial hair restoration can be, the truth is many men just still don’t feel comfortable talking about it. 

Coach Mike thinks that stigma has something to do with societal expectations of masculinity. As he puts it, “I think there’s this idea, even though the majority of people don’t really apply it to their own lives, that we should just be happy with what we’re born with and just be happy with the aging process. And I think it’s kind of ridiculous – if that was the case, we wouldn’t care what we dress like. We wouldn’t care how we trimmed our beards. And I think that there’s, for men, there’s a little bit of a stigma on wanting to really enhance hair growth on your head. Because somehow doing self-care is less manly. But it doesn’t really make sense, because every guy I know wants to look good, wants to feel good.”

Coach Mike is all about improving mental health – and simply talking about the things that negatively affect a person’s self-confidence and self-image and letting them know they’re not alone can go a long way. By inviting Dr. Deutsch on his podcast and being open about the fact that he had a hair restoration procedure done, he’s doing his part to reduce those stigmas and encourage people to improve their lives – be it through hair restoration or other self-care practices.

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