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Can Lack of Sleep Lead to Hair Loss?

Bosley physicians receive many questions during the consultation process.  One common question about hair loss is whether a lack of sleep can be a contributing factor.  Dr. Ken Washenik, Bosley Medical Director, answers.

“There are a number of general health related issues that can affect hair growth or hair loss.  And one of them I’m asked a lot is whether or not a lack of sleep can cause hair loss.  And in general, anything that contributes to healthy well-being is good for your hair.  So anything – really severe dieting, really horrible, stressful situations, or significant sleep deprivation – can, of course, affect your health in a detrimental way.  Anything that affects your health in a detrimental way is not good for your hair or for your hair loss.

At the same time, it’s never been shown that cutting back on some sleep leads to shedding or hair loss.  So it’s important to know the difference.  Regular variations, moderate variations, periodically even severe variations in sleep have not been shown to affect hair growth or hair loss.” -Dr. Ken Washenik

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