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Can Too Much Physical Activity and Exercise Lead to Hair Loss?

Exercise is good for your health.  But if you exercise to the extreme can it result in thinning hair?  Dr. Ken Washenik answers in the following Bosley physician Q&A.

Bosley Patient Kickboxing“So, two sides of a similar question about whether or not exercise causes hair loss or physical activity, and they do not.  So, exercise – moderate exercise, heavy exercise, daily routines of movement and activity do not cause hair loss, or cause hair loss to become worse, and unfortunately don’t appear to help hair loss either.  So, they appear to be unrelated.

It does not appear that exercise or routine activity in your life causes hair loss or affects your hair loss negatively or positively.” -Dr. Ken Washenik

“One of the interesting questions that patients ask me, people interested in hair have asked me is whether or not while trying to stay in shape, can they cause hair loss.  Can exercise – healthy exercise or even excessive exercise – cause hair loss?  The good news is no it doesn’t.  There is no reasonable amount of exercise – daily routine, training for a marathon – that’s going to cause you to lose hair.  So, stay fit, stay in shape, and it will not adversely affect your hair.” -Dr. Ken Washenik

Though exercise does not adversely affect hair there are temporary causes of thinning hair.  Stress, pregnancy, anemia, autoimmune disease and drug reactions can cause temporary hair loss.  Permanent or progressive hair loss, better known as male-pattern baldness, is a result of the male hormone DHT.

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