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Can using a dry shampoo cause hair loss?

Dry shampoos should not cause hair loss when used as directed by your hair care professional and per the manufacturers’ instructions. However like regular shampoo, using a dry shampoo too frequently may cause excessive dryness from the removal of natural oils off the scalp that can lead to breakage and damage. In most cases, significant hair loss is not the result of over washing, but is caused by another factor such as genetics or an underlying medical condition. The over-washing of the hair might worsen the condition, so it would appear to be the cause of hair loss. If you think you are experiencing hair loss, you should consult with your physician first to rule out any medical conditions.

After consulting with your physician you think you are experiencing permanent hair loss, Bosley suggests that you set up a free consultation. During your free Bosley consultation, a hair loss expert and physician can help you assess the type of hair loss you have and what types of solutions would work best for you. Most likely, Bosley has the right solution for your hair loss type. For more information about hair loss and Bosley you can also visit www.bosley.com

What to do next?

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