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Can Vitamins Cause Hair Loss?

Most vitamins are essential to one’s health, but all things should be taken in moderation, including vitamins. While the recommended daily value of vitamins can help to slow down hair loss, too much of a good thing has been proven to be a bad thing.

Vitamin A for example is one vitamin that has been linked to hair loss when excessive amounts are consumed. The RDAs, or recommended dietary allowances, for vitamin A are 900 mcg for adult men, or 700 mcg for adult women (who are not pregnant or lactating). When taken within the recommended values it is actually good for hair growth and maintenance as it aids in the reproduction of cells. However, vitamin A is fat-soluble, so your body stores any excess of the vitamin that you take in. This can lead to toxicity, and one symptom of that includes hair loss.

Having a balanced diet and keeping within the recommended daily values of vitamins and minerals can help to keep your hair growth strong. Before you start on any diet however, you should seek your physician or nutritionist to rule out any possible side effects. They can help you find the best nutritional plan for your overall health. Bosley Medical physicians have been recognized for their ability to provide state-of-the-art hair restoration, with over 230,000 hair transplant procedures performed on men and women from more than 60 different nations. Our Bosley physicians can help to answer reader questions, in addition to walking through the patient’s questions and concerns during a free consultation with Bosley. Below you can read more about specific Bosley physicians, their credentials and medical experience.