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It Is Possible To Prevent Hair Loss And Even Regrow Hair

[highlight]When you realize your hair is thinning, that your hairline is receding, the natural response is to think, ‘how do I stop this from happening?’  It is possible to prevent, halt, and ...

Products designed to halt hair loss and regrow hair

Anyone who has experienced hair loss, whether it’s a hairline that has just started thinning or more progressive hair loss, has most likely turned to products designed to halt hair loss and regrow ...

Are Certain Types of Shampoo Better or Worse for Hair Loss?

Dr. Ken Washenik is the Medical Director at Bosley.  Dr. Washenik along with other Bosley hair restoration physicians answer a wide range of questions related to hair loss, hair transplantation and ...

Is Propecia or Rogaine More Effective For Treating Hair Loss?

People experiencing hair loss typically have many questions about what causes hair loss and how well the available treatments options work.  Dr. Washenik answers many of these common hair loss ...

Which hair loss medication is more effective: Rogaine or Propecia?

Rogaine and Propecia are different hair loss medications (with Rogaine being over the counter and Propecia requiring a prescription), but they make similar claims in regards to hair growth… which ...
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