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Category Archives: Reviews

Worth Every Dime: Columnist Joel Stein Shares His Bosley Experience in GQ Magazine

Humor Columnist Joel Stein recounts his hair transplant procedure with Bosley Medical in the latest issue of GQ Magazine (January 2015 issue). Read the full article. Like many people, TIME ...

Bosley Patient Testimonial (Video) – Marc B

Marc, an attorney and avid outdoorsman, was so distraught with his early hair loss (he started to notice it at age 19!) that he was too afraid to even touch his hair for fear of losing even more ...

Bosley Patient Review (Video) – Lindin E.

Linden, a personal trainer and body builder, began noticing an increasing amount of his hair in the sink every morning, and realized that his hair loss was not going to stop overnight or on it's ...

Bosley Patient Testimonial – Marc H

Marc received a wake-up call about his receding hairline when he noticed an increase in hair shedding into his sink and shower. As a working professional, Marc's hair loss started affecting his work ...

Have Bosley doctors won awards for its work in hair restoration?

Yes, Bosley has been recognized for its fine work in hair restoration, for decades. At Bosley, each physician brings a unique set of skills and experience to the practice of hair restoration. Whether ...
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