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Gerald’s hair began thinning in college – See him now

Gerald decided on Bosley hair transplantation after his hair continued to thin after college. After having his hair permanently restored Gerald once again is happy about how he looks and feels. He gets compliments on his wavy hair just like when he was younger.

See Gerald’s before and after hair transplant photos and hear what he has to say about his restoration experience at Bosley.

“My brother and I, we’ve always had wavy hair. Well, his is curly, mine was more wavy. And all the ladies, quite frankly, would compliment me on my hair.

I first noticed my hair was falling out when I was in early college. It started thinning and I was really, really getting concerned about it. Hair loss is a very emotional experience because it alters your appearance, and how people look at you and perceive you. I felt like I was kind of leaving my life behind.

Since I’ve had the experience with Bosley, I am ecstatic about how I look, about the energy that I have. I get compliments about my hair all the time. And having been known for my hair when I was going through the early phases of my life – to hear those compliments again, it just really floats my boat.

If I didn’t have the picture to prove it, I would say this wasn’t me. Thank you Bosley!”

Gerald’s hairline restoration is virtually undetectable due to the artistic abilities and experience of Bosley physicians. Bosley physicians carefully consider age, facial structure, existing hairline, quality of hair and long-term goals when establishing a complete hair restoration plan.

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