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Having My Hair Restored is the Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Being a professional musician in Las Vegas means you’re on stage in front of thousands of people night after night.  So, when it comes to image, a full head of hair is a major priority.  Now let’s go out to Vegas to meet some of the top musicians who play in the biggest shows in town.  They also happen to be Bosley clients.

Bosley Patient Jerry LopezJerry Lopez:  I’ve been in show business my whole life, and I’ve toured with big artists like Ricky Martin and Marc Antony, and I work in town with Clint Holmes.  We’re entertainers and there’s the aesthetics to think about.  As I started losing my hair and started getting thin it started bothering me, especially under the lights.

I would look in the mirror and I’d see somebody who was older than the way I felt.  Now, if you look at the before picture – in the before picture you can see that the hair is much more receded and it’s very thin on top.  At this point I was freaking out.  Now I look the way I feel.  I am a lot more confident onstage than I was when I was losing my hair.

Kevin Chokan:  I’ve known Jerry for years.  I met him on the last shoot.

Jerry Lopez:  I could see Kevin immediately just light up.

Kevin Chokan:  I kept looking and I said I’ve got to do it.  So I immediately went and had it done.  After it started coming in, I was completely amazed and relieved, really relieved.  I tell people all of the time, it’s the greatest thing that I ever did.

Jerry Lopez:  Going to Bosley and having my hair restored is the greatest thing that I ever did.  I’m ecstatic about it, I love it.

Jerry’s first step to restoring his hair permanently was to meet with a Bosley counselor.  Consultations are complimentary, no-obligation and private.  Appointments are available at 70 offices throughout the U.S.