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How Many Hair Grafts Do I Need (and How Much Will It Cost)?

Here at Bosley, we want to make sure you have the most accurate information available in order to help you make an informed decision about your hair transplant process options. One of the most important things to understand about a hair restoration procedure is the use of follicular unit grafts, otherwise known as hair grafts.

What is a Hair Graft?

A hair graft is a small piece of tissue that contains 1-4 hairs, their bulbs or follicles (the brain of the hair), and skin-tissue around the follicles that provides nourishment. Healthy and strong hair grafts are removed from a person’s donor area and then transplanted to areas where weaker, fewer, or dead hair follicles are or once were. The concept of moving the hair graft and having it survive in its new environment is called Donor Dominance.

How Are Hair Grafts Transplanted?

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are the two different types of procedures that move hair grafts from one area to another. While an FUT consists of the removal of a strip of the donor tissue (including the hair grafts or donor follicles) at once, an FUE removes the hair grafts or donor follicles in individual units directly from the scalp. In both procedures, the implantation process is identical. Between removal (harvesting) and transplantation, highly skilled medical technicians work with high-powered stereo microscopes to prepare the follicles for implantation by trimming excess tissue from around them.

In a hair transplant procedure, the donor area is usually the rear of the patient’s head. This is because the hair in those regions is not susceptible to the hair thinning hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). In an FUT, a strip of skin tissue is removed all at once, vs in an FUE procedure, In the FUE technique, a <1mm diameter instrument is used to circle the hair graft and puncture the skin around the follicle without damaging the follicle. The hair graft is then removed using a surgical tweezer.

How Many Hair Grafts Do I Need?

Because hair restoration goals are different for each patient, the number of grafts needed will vary from person to person. In general, however, it’s usually anywhere from 600 grafts (for minimal hair loss) to 3,000 or more grafts (for more extensive hair loss). You can identify your hair loss stage by using the Norwood-Hamilton scale (male) or Ludwig scale (for women). The greater the level of identified hair loss, the greater number of hair grafts necessary to fill in thinning areas. Speaking to an expert about your specific goals is the best way to determine how many grafts you will need.

How Much Do Hair Transplant Grafts Cost?

The total cost of a hair transplant is usually calculated on a per-graft basis, according to hair replacement needs and the choice between FUT or FUE treatments. In general, the higher the number of follicular unit grafts, the lower the per-follicular unit graft charge. It is also dependent on each patient’s hair loss classification, how much donor hair is available, and your doctor’s treatment recommendations. For an exact cost per graft, we recommend scheduling an in person free scalp and hair analysis at Bosley.

Included in the total cost of your procedure are the costs for the local anesthesia that is administered during the procedure, the pain medications as needed/prescribed, and a post-operative treatment kit for scalp care immediately after your procedure. Financing and payment options are also available.

Why Choose Bosley

At Bosley, our experience, artistry, and technology have made us one of the most trusted names in hair restoration. During your free consultation, we’ll work with you to determine the right amount of hair grafts necessary to achieve your personal goals – all in a transparent, no-pressure environment. Schedule your consultation today to get a cost-free estimate.

What to do next?

To learn more about your hair restoration options and the average hair transplant timeline, The Complete Book on Hair Restoration, to see how great your hair can look. If you’re ready to do something about that bald spot or thinning hair now, schedule a FREE in-person or video consultation with a trained Bosley hair restoration specialist. Together with a Bosley Physician, we can help you find out what’s causing your balding and what treatment solution is right for you.

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