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Meet the Doctors: Dr. Gabe Krenitsky

Looking for a hair transplant surgeon in Columbus, Ohio? We sat down with Dr. Gabriel Krenitsky, M.D. of Bosley’s Columbus office to chat about his career, his approach to hair restoration, and a few of his favorite things about living in Columbus. Read on to get to know Dr. Gabe Krenitsky!

How long have you practiced in Columbus?

I’ve practiced in Columbus for 21 years now, but my roots go even deeper than that. I went to Ohio State for my undergrad – now, my daughter’s about to cheer there. Go Buckeyes!

What inspired you to become a doctor?

I had an experience I’ll never forget. Back in the day, I used to be a musician. We were using an accompanist who played the piano, and during one of our rehearsals, he had a seizure. I didn’t know what to do under that tough circumstance, I didn’t know how to help him. He was okay, but that left a strong impression on me. I knew I wanted the information and the expertise to be able to help people if something like that ever happened again.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Bosley?

I love the work environment at Bosley. The people I work with and the patients I work for are a joy to be around. Really, working at Bosley lets me practice medicine the way I believe medicine should be practiced. I know a lot of other doctors get frustrated with how impersonal medicine can be – but in our office, there’s community. We get to know people, we spend a whole day focusing on just one person, talking about life and helping them make a positive change. I get those rewarding physician-patient relationships I always hoped I’d have, ever since I first envisioned myself being a physician back in medical school.

Tell us a memorable work/patient story.

There are so many, but one beard hair transplant really stands out. This man was a soldier in Afghanistan. He was a paramedic who was going to rescue someone when a land mine blew up – he had to tourniquet himself to save his own life, but lost both legs and both hands. He came into Bosley because since the war, he wasn’t able to grow a beard and he wanted to get that part of himself back.

That story alone is incredible, but it was his energy that made such an impact on the whole office. I’ve never met a more upbeat, uplifting human being than this man. He had every reason to be mad at the universe, but he wasn’t that way at all. He was so kind and positive and appreciative. Every staff member who worked with him was in tears. I was so moved, I told him that if he ever wanted another procedure done, it would be on me. (And he did, and it was!) No one at the Columbus office will ever forget that special experience.

How have your perceptions of hair restoration changed since you started working at Bosley?

Before I worked in hair surgery, I didn’t really have any thoughts about hair restoration. But I’ve been so impressed by the results and the structure Bosley has in place. Bosley’s the only brand name in the entire industry, and the consistent, excellent results we’re able to provide for people are incredible.

If you WEREN’T a doctor, what other work could you see yourself doing and why?

I’d be a pilot. Most of my family are professional pilots, and I also have my pilot’s license. I could see myself combining aviation and medicine with MedFlight or something like that. Otherwise, I’d be an investor, day trader, hedge fund manager, or something along those lines.

Describe your ideal Sunday afternoon.

One that’s a little spontaneous and wild – and where I put that pilot’s license to good use. We’d go to church or do something together as a family in the morning, then go to the airport, fly to a cool airport restaurant, and fly back, on a clear day. Or hey, we could even fly to Dollywood or Disneyland. I love something spur-of-the-moment like that!

Give a local recommendation – name a local restaurant, park, venue, destination, etc. that you LOVE right now!

My go-to is The Pearl Restaurant. There are two of them, one in Short North and one in Bridge Park. Whenever family, friends, or work colleagues want to go out somewhere, I take them to The Pearl. You’ve got to get the jalapeño cornbread with honey butter dipping sauce, braised short ribs, oysters, and save room for pie. It’s my all-time favorite restaurant in Columbus.

Also, if you’re a sports person, you’ve got to go to an Ohio State football game. Nobody does it like the Buckeyes, the fans are next level.

Is there anything else you would like potential patients to know about you?

There’s a certain quality I always appreciate in professionals I work with in any environment: everyone does a job, but some people are professionals beyond just that. In their heart, what they do matters, the outcome matters, how they treat people matters. I truly believe that everyone at the Bosley Columbus hair restoration office falls into that category, and I really strive for that myself. Beyond the technical skillset I offer, I genuinely care about the people I work with. It’s who I am. I love getting to know people and helping them get a great result.


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