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On the Beauty Trend Radar 2017: Eyebrow Restoration

Permanent, Natural Solution for Eyebrow Hair Loss, Growing in Popularity

LOS ANGELES —January 24, 2017 — Ongoing trends indicate that fuller, natural brows will continue to be a critical factor in women’s perception of aesthetic qualities. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) 2015 Practice Census Statistics report documents a 57.2% growth in the number of eyebrow hair restoration procedures from 2012 to 2014.

Eyebrows are said to be the most important facial feature — even more so than the eyes. Eyebrows express emotions and are a critical factor in how people recognize and remember faces. Thinning or patchy eyebrows can often make people feel self-conscious and deeply affect their self-confidence.

From adding fullness to thinning brows to restoring gaps or missing brows, eyebrow restoration offers a natural and permanent solution, according to experts at Bosley, the leader in medical hair restoration and hair loss solutions. “We want women to know there is a simple, permanent and natural solution for eyebrow hair loss. Our experts bring experience, skill and artistry to every restoration,” says Bosley Assistant Medical Director, Dr. Edwin A. Suddleson. “We have seen an increase in consultation requests for eyebrow restorations and expect to see the number of restorations increase in 2017.”

Eyebrow restoration is a simple procedure that takes brow-like follicles from the head and transplants them into the thin, patchy or missing areas of the eyebrow. The procedure takes a couple of hours and results are generally seen in the following months. Having a restoration done by an experienced professional is crucial to a successful restoration, as eyebrow hair is different than any other type of hair on the body, and facial type and ethnicity both affect the thickness and arch of the brow.

“Bosley physicians create custom-tailored brow solutions that complement their patient’s individual facial type and features, including facial structure, landmarks on the face and bone structure,” says Dr. Suddleson. “From the latest beauty trends to the most advanced hair restoration techniques, our physicians have the expertise to help bring out the most beautiful version of you.”

Eyebrow restoration is offered at all Bosley surgical offices across the United States. For additional information about eyebrow restoration and consultation scheduling, please visit Bosley.com.


About Bosley Medical Group

Founded in 1974, Bosley Medical Group is the largest hair restoration practice in the United States. For more than 40 years, Bosley physicians have focused on the art and science of hair restoration utilizing innovative, artistic, and scientific techniques. With more than 275,000 hair restoration procedures performed on men and women (with patients from all 50 states and 60 foreign countries), Bosley has helped hundreds of thousands find a permanent solution for their hair loss. For more information please visit https://www.bosley.com

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