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What’s it like having a hair transplant at Bosley?

“The Bosley team made it all so easy! They were all concerned about my health and well being – everyone was wonderful. The only thing is I wish I’d done it sooner! Bosley is the best!”

—Ellen G.

“No one knew I was going to get this done. When I returned from the procedure, no one could believe I had it done.  Bosley emailed to let me know how things should be going and they were right on.”

—Fred F.

Bosley, the global leader in hair restoration, has performed more hair transplant procedures than any other medical group in the world, restoring hair in all 50 states and in 70 countries.   Bosley physicians are selected from the best hair transplant doctors in the world, and the results of their work show.

The combination of expertise and artistry is what sets Bosley apart from other hair restoration providers.  When Bosley patients have their hair restored, the results are completely natural looking, indistinguishable from a person with a natural full head of hair.

Bosley physicians blend precise skill and artistry,  placing individual follicular units with specific depth and angle to mimic natural hair growth patterns.  This experience and skill is particularly important when restoring the hairline.

Bosley hair transplantation is an outpatient procedure that can be done at one of 24 conveniently located surgical offices.  The procedure, ,explained in these 4 general steps, typically takes a full day to complete and is made comfortable with the availability of movies, music, books and lunch.

“The doctor and all the assistants were informative, professional and courteous. Each step was explained and they made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure.”

—Marilyn M.

After the procedure, your Bosley physician inspects the grafts for proper placement and the clinical team provides post-operative instructions. Additionally, the patient will continue to have direct access to their own personal Bosley Counselor to ask questions even after the procedure is complete.

To learn more about Bosley hair transplantation, FDA cleared hair loss treatments, the causes of hair loss and to receive your free microscopic scalp and hair analysis, schedule your no-obligation consultation today.

What to do next?

To learn more about your hair restoration options and the average hair transplant timeline, The Complete Book on Hair Restoration, to see how great your hair can look. If you’re ready to do something about that bald spot or thinning hair now, schedule a FREE in-person or video consultation with a trained Bosley hair restoration specialist. Together with a Bosley Physician, we can help you find out what’s causing your balding and what treatment solution is right for you.

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