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Mon – Fri: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


9100 Wilshire Boulevard
East Tower Penthouse
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Parking is available in the garage behind the building (9100 Wilshire Blvd)

Meet Your Local Team

David P Deutsch MD, FACS, ABHRS, Assistant Medical Director

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

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Join the millions of men and women who have come to Bosley for answers to their hair restoration questions

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Bosley patient Torrance before Before

Actual Bosley Patient. Individual results may vary.

Bosley was the best choice I ever made for myself.

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Bosley patient Dean before Before

Actual Bosley Patient. Individual results may vary.

In my career, everything is based on appearances. After my hair restoration I felt better, more at ease than any time before.

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Bosley patient Luke before Before

Actual Bosley Patient. Individual results may vary.

I would say that Bosley has the most advanced technology on the market right now.

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Bosley patient Troy before Before

Actual Bosley Patient. Individual results may vary.

"If someone was telling me that they were thinking about going to Bosley, I would tell them to stop thinking. Just do it. I was in your shoes and you don't need to think anymore. Just go"

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5 / 5
Bosley patient Ron before Before

Actual Bosley Patient. Individual results may vary.

I could not look at myself in the mirror and say, 'You're handsome.' My confidence level was at an all-time low. Bosley has changed my life tremendously.

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Local Reviews

1,200 Reviews

Feb 29, 2024

The staff and nurses were wonderful, very professional and excellent at their job! Dr.Suddleson was the best and I would higher recommend him to anyone who is considering a hair transplant!! He is the best Doctor I have had out of my four transplant procedures!!

Feb 28, 2024

Yes its was wonderful all the nurses yasmin,cindy,lesly,and desy all of theme are realy nice and accommodating very professional also mr: cacho i just remember his name and must 0ff the dr who take care of me the whole process will i will recommend bosley 10/10 yes.

Feb 22, 2024

I had a great experience with Bosley. When I came in for consultation with Lindsey I felt comfortable with her knowledge professionalism and her patience. I am very specific and she was accommodating. When I had my procedure done with Dr Deutsch he was respectful of my concerns and choices. The nurse and the staff were nice. I’m very happy with the way Bosley handled my calls even after the procedure during the recovery. The best part is the results! My new hair started growing now almost 3 months later and it’s noticeable.

Feb 21, 2024

Very friendly as well as informative. Obviously concerned about my comfort and needs. My recommendations would be for them as partners in life watching out for me!

Feb 21, 2024

All 6 members ( 1 dr, 1PA, 4MAs) all were great, they made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure, everyone were kind, helpful. I absolutely loved their team work, I wanted to be part of that. Loved the energy of workplace. Everyone were knowledgeable knows what they are doing and know how to take care of the patient. I was bit nervous at the beginning of the procedure but they made comfortable immediately and the procedure went smooth. They accommodated all my requests. They took really good care of me throughout the procedure. To Lindsey Malamut, You are a wonderful counselor, knowledgeable and good at communicating. Thank you so much for taking time to show me all the options, being patience with me, gave me space/time to think through throughly about considering the procedure, being available whenever I had questions and trying to build confidence in me to consider for procedure which means a lot. Can’t wait to see the results. Thank you again Lindsey ❤️❤️

Feb 16, 2024

Beverly Hills office staff is absolutely wonderful

Feb 12, 2024

Great team ! I felt well taken care of by Dr Deutch and each member of the team during the entire procedure . I would list each team member by name, but I can’t remember your names darn it 😉. Everyone was perfect . Thanks to you all .

Feb 1, 2024

Lindsey was very thorough and an excellent communicator. She also made you feel very comfortable. She also took her time to answer any and all questions that I had. The doctor also did a thorough evaluation and answered all my questions.

Jan 19, 2024

Dr. Deutsch and his team are professional and confident during the procedure, which helps relieve any anxiety one may have during the hair restoration process.

Jan 17, 2024

Excellent customer service. Very friendly ineligible staff. I was surprised that I didn't get more time with the doctor, but that's probably just because I didn't understand the process. I do have one complaint. The woman who set me up with everything over the phone at the Beverly Hills office stated that there was somebody on staff who would would cut and style my hair after the procedure. I feel I look a little awkward now with only the sides and back shaved and have to stay like this for a month which is disappointing

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