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Jeffrey A. Cole

Dr. Jeffrey Cole is a dedicated cosmetic surgeon with many years of natural looking hair restoration experience.

Dr. Cole studied General Surgery in Michigan and later moved to Maine to work as a cosmetic surgeon at the prestigious Mayo Hospital System in Dover-Foxcroft.

His years of experience in cosmetic surgery have provided him the foundation to be a successful hair transplant surgeon, combining art and exacting science to recreate virtually undetectable age-appropriate hairlines.

Dr. Cole has earned a reputation of delivering excellent patient care and high-quality hair restoration results. His approach to each patient includes one-on-one meetings to understand the patientʼs needs and together they can decide which solution is right for them. “Itʼs all about the patient and setting realistic expectations they can be happy with.”

Bosleyʼs outstanding reputation in the hair restoration community, high-level quality of care, application of the latest technological advancements, and the opportunity to work among some of the most renowned physicians in the field drew Dr. Cole to Bosley.

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