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Am I a Candidate For Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution to hair loss. It’s a relatively simple procedure performed on an outpatient basis that takes about a day to complete. Results are gradual and start to show about 6 months after the procedure. This would be 3 inches of growth, the same average growth rate as your non-transplanted hair.

Bosley Hair Transplant Patient Before and AfterBosley hair transplantation is completely natural looking. In fact, most people won’t even know you had the procedure.

Hair transplantation involves taking hair from where you have more than you need, the donor area, and moving it to areas of thinning or baldness. Most people have sufficient donor hair to fully achieve their hair restoration goals. A Bosley physician can determine if your donor hair is sufficient for hair transplantation.  The Norwood Scale can be helpful in determining your level of hair loss.

Age is a factor in determining whether or not hair transplantation is the best solution for your thinning hair. Those in the earliest stages of hair loss might be able to start with non-surgical treatments to stop or slow down the hair loss process. Examples of non-surgical hair loss treatments are Propecia®, Rogaine, the Bosley HairMax Laser Band and Theradome Laser Helmet. Propecia® is a prescription drug for men only. All non-surgical hair loss treatments require consistent and proper use to maintain results.

You might not be a candidate for hair transplantation because your hair loss is temporary. Temporary hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors including stress, reaction to medications, trauma, illness and pregnancy. It is recommended to meet with your doctor first to determine if your hair loss is temporary or progressive.

Bosley offers informative hair loss consultations at more than 70 offices located throughout the U.S.  You’ll be able to express your hair restoration goals while learning more about the available treatments that are clinically proven and cleared by the FDA.  You’ll also receive a complimentary scalp and hair analysis that provides insight into your current level of hair loss, availability and quality of donor hair.

Bosley physician Dr. David Deutsch goes into greater detail about age requirements for hair transplantation in the following video:

What to do next?

To learn more about your hair restoration options and the average hair transplant timeline, The Complete Book on Hair Restoration, to see how great your hair can look. If you’re ready to do something about that bald spot or thinning hair now, schedule a FREE in-person or video consultation with a trained Bosley hair restoration specialist. Together with a Bosley Physician, we can help you find out what’s causing your balding and what treatment solution is right for you.

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