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Hair Growth Tips – 10 Ways to Help Your Hair Grow Stronger and Grow Back

Learn how to help stop hair loss and help your hair grow healthy and strong.

Whether your hair’s literally falling off your head or it hasn’t managed to grow past your ears for years, you might be wondering: how can I make my hair grow faster and stronger?

There are tons of supplements, topicals, oils, serums, and gadgets out there that promise thicker, longer hair… but what can you do that will actually show real results?

Well in the words of Bill Nye, science rules, and recent advances have led to powerful, clinically-proven hair growth solutions.

The best way to achieve the hair growth you’re looking for depends on your unique situation – the cause of your hair loss, how much hair you’ve already lost, your gender, and more.

We’ll dive deep into common causes of hair loss, when’s the best time to start trying hair growth solutions, and 10 ways to help your hair grow stronger than before.

Why Won’t My Hair Grow?

Did you know that you’re born with all the follicles you’ll ever have? Problem is, as you age and go through life, some of those follicles stop producing hair. It happens sooner for some than others.

Hair loss can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, stress, rough styling, medical conditions, or just a normal part of aging. And hair loss is more common than you might think – over 55% of women and 85% of men are likely to experience some kind of hair loss in their lifetime. If you’re frustrated with hair loss or lack of length, you’re not alone.

Should I Start Trying Hair Growth Solutions Now?

No matter the current state of the hair on your head, the answer is yes. If you’re even starting to wonder about how to treat or prevent hair loss, now is the time to do something about it.

The earlier you start treating your hair, the better. It’s much easier and less intensive to prevent future hair loss than it is to restore hair that has already been lost (though permanent hair restoration is possible, too!)

Assuming you’ve only just started noticing your hair has stopped growing or you’ve started losing your hair, you have a lot of options. A few small changes and key products can make a huge difference in hair loss prevention and reversal.

10 Ways to Help Make Your Hair Grow

Hair growth requires a healthy scalp, body, and hair – improving your health can create optimal hair growth conditions that can help you see results quickly, without surgery.

Here are 10 ways to help your hair grow, including simple habits, powerful products, and permanent solutions:

  1. Prescription Finasteride
    Finasteride is an FDA-approved prescription medication that treats male pattern baldness at the crown and mid-scalp. If you’re a man who’s started noticing signs of hair loss, taking finasteride orally or applying it to your scalp could help you prevent and reverse signs of hair loss.

  2. Topical Minoxidil
    Minoxidil is an FDA-approved medication that stimulates hair growth in adult men and women. Topical minoxidil can be applied via dropper, spray, or foam.
    If you’re a man suffering from hair loss, look into Bosley’s new HiGrowth Hair Formula 2.0 to get the benefits of both finasteride and minoxidil with one treatment!

  3. Hair Care Swaps
    Try swapping out some of the products you use every day for hair care specially formulated to combat hair thinning. Visit Bosley’s online store to explore shampoos, conditioners, styling products, supplements, and more.

  4. Low-Level Laser Therapy
    It might seem futuristic, but yes – laser therapy can help treat hair loss. At-home low-level laser therapy like the Bosley Revitalizer conveniently and discreetly promotes hair growth in men and women with specific types of hair loss. Learn more here.

  5. Get proper nutrition
    Nourishing your body helps it grow hair that’s healthy and strong. Fill your diet with foods rich in protein, iron, vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E. And for an extra vitamin boost, consider adding a supplement designed to promote hair growth to your daily regimen.

  6. Trim your hair
    It sounds backward, but it really works. Getting a trim every 10-12 weeks helps prevent split ends from damaging your hair and will promote hair growth, even despite the length you lost.

  7. Care for your scalp
    Properly shampooing the scalp can make a big difference, but healthy hair starts right below the scalp. Massaging your scalp with oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or castor oil can help increase blood circulation to your follicles. Dermarolling stimulates the skin and increases in both blood flow and collagen production while exfoliating and rejuvenating your scalp.

  8. Condition your hair
    As your hair grows, it typically gets thinner at the bottom due to breakage. Using a conditioner that’s designed to go easy on your hair and promote healthier hair growth can help seal in moisture and prevent breakage. BosleyMD Volumizing Conditioner is a great option.

  9. Avoid bleach, chemicals, and damaging hair treatments
    For a healthy head of hair, go natural. Avoid coloring, bleaching, or treating your hair, and minimize heat usage.

  10. Hair transplant surgery
    If you’ve already lost a significant amount of hair or you’re looking for the highest-quality, most permanent hair growth solution, getting a hair restoration surgery with Bosley is the way to go. Bosley’s team of industry-leading doctors will extract hair follicles and transplant those grafts to restore your natural hairline – and allow you to grow your real hair back. Learn more about hair transplant solutions here.

Hair loss can be frustrating, but it is treatable. With the right mix of products, procedures, and habits, you can stop hair loss in its tracks and work towards getting your real hair back.


If you’re a man looking to prevent further hair loss in the early stages, explore prescription-strength solutions here.

If you’ve already lost a lot of hair and are interested in learning more about permanent restoration or hair transplantation, schedule a free consultation to learn more about hair restoration surgery here.

Still have questions? Download the Ultimate Guide to Hair Restoration or speak with a Hair Restoration Expert for free.

What to do next?

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