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How many hair transplant procedures are required before hair is permanently restored?

Individuals with thinning hair often ask how many procedures it will take before their hair and hairline are fully restored. Dr. Ken Washenik, Bosley Medical Director, answers as part of an ongoing hair transplant physician Q&A series.

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“When asked how many hair transplantation procedures a person might need or how many do people generally need, it’s a difficult question because it really depends on a number of factors. One, how much hair loss do you have? How much hair replacement, restoration do you need to satisfy you or meet your objectives? So, it’s different from person to person. Also, your donor hair – the type of hair you have. How much do you have? What texture is it – is it straight? Is it curly?  Is it coarse? Is it fine hair? So those different variables will affect how many grafts you will ultimately want to move to meet your goals or your objectives.

Also, if you have ongoing hair loss – and most people who are looking for hair restoration surgery, transplantation surgery have a medical condition like a male pattern or female pattern hair loss. So, you have ongoing hair loss. So, another factor that plays into how many grafts or how many procedures you will ultimately want is your ongoing hair loss. So, it’s my recommendation that you treat that hair loss, that you use medication to slow down, stop, or even reverse some of that hair loss, and that will only help with your hair restoration needs.”

-Dr. Ken Washenik, Bosley Medical Director

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What to do next?

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