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How to Stop Your Receding Hairline

Your receding hairline can be stopped and restored permanently with the technological advancements and skilled hair transplant surgeons at Bosley. The results will be indistinguishable from someone who didn’t have procedure, which takes about a day to complete.

Hair Transplant Before and After 41

The cause of hairline recession is DHT, which can be slowed or stopped with prescription medication. Bosley patients are provided with a complete hair loss treatment plan by a Bosley physician that could include more than one hair loss treatment. Treatment plans are developed based on your personal hair restoration goals.

There’s no shortage of receding hairline hairstyles out there to help men traverse the slow process of hair loss. But what most men find over time is that no matter how their thinning hair is styled, it just doesn’t feel or react like it used to, especially in the front. What men really want is to get their hairline back completely so they can style it any way they want.

Fortunately the technology available today in the hands of an experienced hair transplant surgeon guarantees a completely natural look, one that’s virtually indistinguishable from a person who didn’t have the procedure.

We know it’s possible to restore a receding hairline but how did it start in the first place?

It is generally accepted that the cause of male-pattern hair loss i.e. where hair thins around the temples (receding hairline) and crown of the head, is the hormone DHT. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a derivative of testosterone that causes hair to slowly thin over time to the point of falling out and resulting in male-pattern hair loss.

DHT can be slowed or stopped with Propecia®, a prescription drug for men only. DHT can help you keep the hair you have around your hairline but it will not bring back hair that is already lost. Only permanent hair restoration can accomplish this goal.

Given the hairline is of greatest concern to most men because it’s the area seen the most, Bosley physicians consider the following factors closely when developing a hairline restoration plan:

  • Age
  • Facial Structure
  • Existing Hairline
  • Quality of Hair
  • Long-Term Goals

Bosley restored hairlines look so natural because the Micrograft® process is used by an experienced surgeon who performs hair transplantation exclusively. The Micrograft® process eliminates a defined line and creates a zone of hair that closely mimics the patient’s original hairline. Fine, delicate hair are blended into the zone resulting in a hairline as soft and feathered as the original.

A Bosley counselor can provide additional insight on hairline recession and available treatments. Consultations are complimentary, private and available at 70 locations throughout the U.S.

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