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Worth Every Dime: Columnist Joel Stein Shares His Bosley Experience in GQ Magazine

Humor Columnist Joel Stein recounts his hair transplant procedure with Bosley Medical in the latest issue of GQ Magazine (January 2015 issue). Read the full article.

Like many people, TIME columnist Joel Stein believed that considering a hair transplant procedure was a sign of male vanity. He used Minoxidil, but only experienced a slight improvement in his hairline from continued use. He wanted a more effective solution to his hair loss, so he consulted with his wife and close friends before making the decision to move forward with a hair transplant procedure.

Originally Stein believed that losing his hair wouldn’t have any noticeable impact on his daily life since he was already in a committed, long-term relationship. “What I soon realized though, was that I wasn’t just balding. I was balding in a particularly bad way: from the front, in a backward march to the top of my head.” He stated that losing the hair in the front of his head was difficult to disguise, and despite his best efforts to find a hair style that would camouflage the thinning, he was unable to get good results.

Stein had his consultation and surgery at Bosley’s headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA. His physician Dr. Suddleson recommended a 1,600 graft Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure. The night before his scheduled surgery, Stein began to feel anxious about having the procedure. “I had that fight-or-flight adrenaline spike that reduces your peripheral vision and makes everything super-focused,” he recalls. “I didn’t want to be known as the guy with bad plugs. My freak-out was so intense and annoying that Cassandra (my wife) suggested I call and postpone.”

Despite his initial fears, Stein proceeded with his scheduled hair transplant surgery, noting that “it was, by far, the easiest medical procedure I’ve ever been through.”

Now, about a year later, he is very pleased with his Bosley results. “It was kind of like magic – just from sitting in a chair for a few hours, I suddenly had my hair back”.

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