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Hair Transplant Timeline: Growth, Recovery & What to Expect

There are no two ways about it: surgery is always a little bit scary. But, concerns about surgery shouldn’t scare you away from a hair transplant. When a hair transplant surgery is performed under the supervision of a trained and experienced Bosley physician, recovery is typically fast, and the results can last a lifetime. If … Continued

How Many Hair Grafts Do I Need (and How Much Will It Cost)?

Here at Bosley, we want to make sure you have the most accurate information available in order to help you make an informed decision about your hair transplant process options. One of the most important things to understand about a hair restoration procedure is the use of follicular unit grafts, otherwise known as hair grafts. … Continued

Hair Transplant Tourism: Is a Cheap Hair Transplant Worth the Cost?

If you’ve considered hair restoration at any point over the last few years, chances are you’ve heard of hair transplant tourism – the process of going to another country to have your procedure done. Lured by the promise of a cheap hair transplant, men and women have been traveling overseas to try to restore their … Continued

5 Reasons the Hair Transplant Market Continues to Grow

According to a recently released member survey conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the hair transplant market is growing at a significant rate. In fact, from 2008 to 2019, they report a 157% increase in hair restoration patients. Not only that, but the worldwide market for surgical hair restoration has increased … Continued

Is a Hair Transplant Worth the Cost?

Hair loss affects everyone differently, and the decision of whether to have a hair transplant procedure can be a very personal one. While there are many different factors that can affect your decision, the question of whether a hair transplant is worth it shouldn’t be reduced to a simple cost/benefit analysis. Things like confidence, poise, … Continued

Hair Transplant Financing and Payment Options

We understand that the upfront cost of a hair restoration procedure may be more than some candidates can afford at one time. Luckily there are numerous convenient hair transplant financing and payment options available to make hair restoration a reality for everyone.* If the price is the only thing keeping you from having the hair … Continued

How to Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon is important no matter what type of medical procedure you’re having. When it comes to hair transplant surgery, finding the right hair transplant surgeon can mean the difference between a great result and a disappointing one. Good vs. Bad Hair Transplant Most people only notice bad hair transplants. That’s because good … Continued

The History of Hair Transplant Surgery

While modern hair transplant surgery is a safe, effective and relatively painless way to achieve a permanent, natural-looking hairline, it took years of research and scientific breakthroughs to become the established hair loss solution it is today. The 1930s Hair transplant surgery as we know it originated in Japan in the 1930s as dermatologists worked … Continued

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last?

If you’re starting to research hair restoration as a solution to your hair loss, it’s normal to wonder “How long does a hair transplant last? Am I going to have to go back for surgery every few years just to maintain my transplanted hair?” The good news is that when performed by a trained, experienced … Continued

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